Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Dirty Mouth

My child has a dirty mouth. 
And I don't mean just because of the food he's always stuffing in there. 
As Aaron's vocabulary has sky-rocketed, 
we've noticed the addition of several words 
that are a wee bit misprounced... 
 and sound a tiny bit inappropriate.
Aaron has trouble with the "L" sound. 
Flag = "F-ag!" 
Clock = "Cock!" 

Please note that restaurants / stores LOVE to have flags outside (why?) and you can be guaranteed its MY child in the parking lot shouting "F-ag! F-ag!" 
We are not a homophobic family, I swear, 

Ironically, despite having trouble with "L"
 Aaron will often insert an L in words that have no L. 

Basket = "Ball Sack" 
I kid you not. 
It sounds JUST LIKE ball sack. 

And, of course, everyone's favorite f-word. 
I thought for sure that "truck" would be the culprit of this very dirty word. 
But instead, it's FROG. 
Where's the "k" in frog, you ask? 
I don't know either. 
But whenever there is a frog, 
Aaron loudly exclaims: 
And the "r" is practically silent. 
Gotta love it. 


  1. Ha my brother used to call fire trucks the f-word and my mom said there a particularly embarrassing mall incident where he saw one in a store window and started yelling the f-word for all the word to hear!

    Clara's tricky word is "sit"... just use your imagination.

  2. I might need some video evidence of this ;-)