Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Co-sleeping vs Crib

I got the idea from a friend to do a segment of controversial topics. 

I'm a somewhat opinionated person... 
** cough ** 
... horribly annoying opinionated person, 
and therefore it's always fun to weigh in on hot topics. 
Especially since having ONE CHILD makes me an Grade A Expert. 

First up: 
Crib-sleeping vs Co-sleeping 

Aaron was a crib sleeper from the very first night home. 
(Ok, second night, because he was up all night the first night.) 
He was just a GOOD sleeper. 
I was prepared for up-every-2-hours for a month... 
But instead he was sleeping 5 hours straight by the end of the first week. 

For the first few months 
(week? months? foggy mommy memory), 
he nursed to sleep. 
Then he graduated to a few quick belly pats in the crib. 
He never cried-it-out because he didn't need to. 

So that said, what are my thoughts on co-sleeping? 
Well, I think its both parent and baby-based. 

I think some babies need co-sleeping, 
and it would not surprise me at all if my next child is a co-sleeper. 
I also think some parents need it. 
Sometimes I'd have a terrible nightmare 
(like someone trying to take my baby) 
and even though Aaron didn't wake up, 
I'd go bring him into our bed just so I felt he was safe

There's a lot of talk around the psychologist benefits of co-sleeping, 
how it helps mother-child bonding, 
calms the baby's stress levels, 
and overall reduces SIDS by having the mother's constant heartbeat. 

While I do believe these benefits can be achieved, 
I also think there are other ways. 
Breastfeeding, for one, brings similar benefits - right down to SIDS reduction. 
And so does baby-wearing during the day. 
Babies are designed by God to be close to their mother. 

So I look at it as a pick-and-choose buffet. 
Some people will do all three: 
Breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and co-sleeping 
(all bundled into the neat little term "Attachment Parenting"
but I think it's ok to pick and choose, too. 

My wonderful OBGYN was never able to have children 
(can you imagine?! of all the professions!!
and eventually adopted two beautiful girls from China. 
They were too old to baby-wear or breastfeed, 
but she did co-sleep and she attributes so much of her mother-child bonding during those first few adoption years to co-sleeping. 

For me, I was able to breastfeed and baby-wear, 
and was OK not co-sleeping with Aaron. 

And in the end, 
as I'm learning more and more
we humans are resilient people. 
There is no greater evidence of this besides McDonald's.

Some moms won't breastfeed, baby-wear, or co-sleep, 
and guess what? 
As long as that mom loves with every ounce of her being, 
that baby is going to be just fine

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  1. Ok so I'm having a tough time believing you are horribly opinionated because this post was very middle of the road! I was expecting harsh judgements and angry ranting!