Monday, February 2, 2015

Compilation of Shitstorms

There is something completely cathartic about reading other mom's shitstorms. 
Maybe it's because we feel better it's "not just us" 
or because it makes our day seem a little better.  

Whatever it is, my favorite posts are ALWAYS the shitstorms. 
The honest, raw, miserable shitstorms. 

Throwback: one of Aaron's more epic blowouts. 
I remember it clearly because it traveled up his back to his NECK. 
This picture was sent to Adam while he was interning at his law firm. 
Caption was probably along the lines of: "Wish you were here."

Moreso for me than anyone else, 
(since that's what this blog is anyways - for ME)
I wanted to compile a small list of shitstorms that I could refer back to. 
It's a short list for now, 
but I wanted a place where I could continue to compile as the humor strikes. 

  Because vomit everywhere, while trapped on a plane, is just the end of all. 
Oh, and she ends up topless at one point.  I just died. 
One of the first shitstorm stories I ever read and I will treasure it always.

Little Baby Garvin:
Because everyone loves a poop-in-the-hotel-room-carpet story. 

Another Little Baby Garvin: Sick Day 
Because Projective Vomit + Poop in the Shower = Priceless. 

Where My Heart is At: Panic at the Drive-Thru 
Because nothing is more horrible than 4-day-old's sobs and a mom's determination to be there for that little baby no matter what.  No matter where. Even in a drive-thru.

I am clearly missing SO MANY because I know I've laughed 'till I cried at so many people's misfortune that they are generous enough to share on the web. So if anyone out there has a shitstorm moment they can share - either their own or another blog - please send it to me so I can laugh too!

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  1. Ha, will have to check these out! This is not overly detailed, but the biggest moment like this I can recall from the twins' lives so far was when Clara vomited on Colby's face and I dropped the phone on her head while trying to call the pediatrician. I mentioned it in this post, along with some other early parenting lows: