Monday, February 23, 2015

Ear Tubes and Elmo

Wasn't it just last weekend that I said 
"I'm not big on weekend recaps..."?
Well, let me go ahead and EAT MY WORDS here. 
Because here it comes... a weekend recap.

I'm starting this off on Friday morning, 
because isn't Friday almost a weekend? 
We kicked off our Friday seeing the Ear Nose Throat Doctor (ENT), 
who agreed that we need ear tubes. 
The definite factors were: 
1) Family history - I had ear tubes very early and the surgeon told my dad that he'd never seen that much fluid in a child's ear in his life. 
2) Aaron's history of 7 ear infections in 13 months
3) Aaron's poor enunciation.  His vocabulary is great, but enunciation is terrible. How much of that is toddler-talk versus hearing under water? Hard to tell. 
They tried a child hearing test which includes two parts: 
a) blowing air in the ear to see how the ear drum vibrates 
(his left ear drum didn't vibrate at all) 
b) a behavior-based test in a small dark room that didn't work because the technician said he was too scared.  For the record, Aaron was sitting on my lap during this hearing test and I was scared in this dark closet-like test room. It felt like a horror movie. 

The ear tube surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. 
Even though this is the most routine surgery in medical history. 
I'm still VERY anxious. 
It's not the surgery itself (which is only 10 minutes), 
but the anesthesia freaks me out. 
I know it's routine. 
I know thousands of kids get it done every year. 
I have never heard of a single horror story. 
But I'm still terrified. 
So on Wednesday this week, say a few prayers for us. 

In happier news, 
Saturday morning we went to our first KIDS birthday party 
(as opposed to just family birthday party). 
My BFF Erin's son was turning 3, 
and she had a birthday party in a gymnasium, 
complete with live Elmo. 

Let me preface this with 
I am terrified of dressed-up characters. 
I may love Disney, but its despite the talking characters. 
When Elmo walked in, 
the birthday boy ran and hid, 
and all the other 3-year-olds eyed him suspiciously. 
MY SON runs right up with a BIG GRIN on his face : "Elmo!" 
He even handed him a ball and gave him multiple hugs. 

Aaron loved every aspect of this party. 
Having a hundred balls to play with. 
The parachute. 

And of course: "CAKE!" 
When we told Aaron we were going to a birthday party, 
he responded with : "Happy?  Cake?" 
"Yes, yes, we sing happy birthday and eat cake!" 

See how the other kids are holding FORKS? 
"Screw, Forks! 
It is way faster to just shove the whole piece in your mouth. 
Efficiency, people!

And now for a moment that made my mommy heart bubble over. 
Towards the end of the party, 
there was a little boy who got upset over something
 and went to sit in the corner and pout. 
My little guy sees him sitting in the corner, 
and takes his ball over and sits with him in solidarity. 
It brought tears to my eyes. 

After the party, 
we headed to my parents' nearby for Aaron to nap, 
while Adam and my brother-in-law had a ping pong tournament in the basement, 
and us three sisters + my dad played Parcheesi and Careers, 
which are two of my favorite board games. 
(I lost both, of course.) 
Once Aaron was up, 
we celebrated my mom's birthday with dinner and cake
So Aaron got cake TWICE in ONE DAY. 
I'm tellin' ya, this kid was in heaven. 

Oh and the best part of presents? 
Tissue paper. 

Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. 
Which is especially funny since I didn't have a single sip of alcohol all day yesterday. 
Adam had a glass of wine but I refused because I was running. 
Yet I still woke up with a pounding headache. 
I blame dehydration. 

We had a lazy Sunday morning. 
My sister and brother-in-law were in town for my mom's birthday 
and stayed with us for the weekend. 
Aaron is obsessed with his "Un-cahh Matt" 
and insisted on readings of Find Momo 
as well as reliving our youth with 
the Rescuers Down Under
I remember watching that movie as a kid and 
always wishing that I had a giant golden eagle to ride around on. 

Despite my hangover-like status, 
I finally rallied and went for a 5-mile run at Valley Forge with Tim, 
which was thankfully NOT an arctic tundra this time but instead quite warm! 
But don't worry, I resume my winter bitchin' tomorrow 
as tomorrow is a HIGH of 20 degrees. 
Bah humbug. 

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  1. Well minus the ear tube thing, glad it was a pretty enjoyable, cake-filled weekend! Will be praying for a smooth procedure and quick recovery for Aaron!