Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ear Tubes

Yesterday, Aaron had ear tubes put in.
I've said many times how ear tubes are a routine procedure, 
but I was still nervous for the anesthesia. 
The night before I woke up at 1:30am, wrote a post
and never went back to sleep. 

The morning started out well. 
We successfully distracted Aaron from the lack of breakfast by watching the Lion King.
Then off to CHOP, in what felt like the longest drive off my life.  
My friend Erin picked up this stuffed Thomas as a special treat for him. 
Aaron couldn't stop giggling. 

Once at CHOP, it took about an hour for OR prep. 

Weight, height, vitals, health history, and "giggle juice" (baby Valium) 
were all part of the process. 
Aaron was dressed in his hospital gown and so happy. 
The hospital staff kept fawning over him and his talkativeness, 
and how good he was for vitals 
(which I attribute to the play doctors kit he received for Christmas). 

Then, he was carried away by a nurse as we went to the waiting room. 
 I totally teared up when they carried him away. 
He wasn't scared, just curious about what was next, but I was still upset. 

Adam and I waited maybe 15 minutes max 
before the doc came in to tell us everything went fine, 
shortly after followed by the anesthesiologist who confirmed it went well, 
and finally the nurse who would bring us back to recovery. 
All in all, we were separated for maybe 25 minutes. 

Recovery was another hour plus and a TOUGH ONE at that. 
 I was totally unprepared for it. 
In my mind, I expected my toddler to be like an adult coming out from anesthesia: 
groggy, tired, a little disoriented, and generally quiet. 

Not so.

 Aaron was very scared and confused coming out of anesthesia. 
He was already screaming when we got there, 
and the nurse who was holding him passed him over to me. 
Total hysteria. 
The nurses kept assuring us this was normal behavior for a toddler coming out of anesthesia, 
but oh my was it TOUGH. 
At one point, I started crying too. 
I felt so helpless as I held Aaron and he clutched me sobbing. 
Aaron is generally a quick-recovery kid; 
a bump on the head of a pinched finger will yield 30 seconds of crying MAX 
and then he's moved on. 
So to have him hysterical for close to an hour was just terrible. 

Finally, one long hour
 and 4 sesame street stickers later, 
we were in the car heading home. 
Aaron had a brief meltdown in the car but nothing too dramatic. 

At home, Aaron was excited to have his first food of the day (pretzels) 
and then polished off half of my turkey sandwich while watching 101 Dalmatians. 

 I was very skeptical about how he would nap. 
I was even prepared to sit in his room for however long it took to fall asleep. 
But oddly enough, 
he was pretty happy. 
I'd say it was almost relief to be back in his normal spot. 
I left the room and he played for a while before passing out. 

And then for dinner, we "celebrated" surviving the day 
with Beer Sausage Risotto

 All in all, 
I'd say it was an absolutely exhausting day. 
I can only hope that these ear tubes were worth it. 
As in, no more ear infections 
and improved hearing.

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  1. I bet that was tough for him and you- way to be brave! And yes, hopefully this one exhausting day will be worth it!