Friday, February 13, 2015

First Dentist Visit

Inspired by Amanda
I finally signed up for Aaron's first dentist appointment. 
And just like ever other mediocre event in our lives, 
I'm providing a play-by-play. 

We found a pediatric dentist through my coworker
I printed off the PAGES and PAGES of paperwork from their site, 
and my favorite question was: 
"How do you expect your child to behave for this visit?" 
Ranging from "excellent" to "not well." 
Adam asked: 
"Can you make your own that says 'nightmare monster'?" 

I picked up Aaron early from day-care, 
and realized... 
being the stellar Mom that I am... 
that I didn't think to bring a snack. 
Dun dun dun. 

Aaron's dentist appointment was at 3:45 and the daycare gives snack at 4:00. 
Which means I was going to have a hungry toddler. 
And that's when I knew we were doomed. 

But, like He does sometimes, God took pity on this stupid mother, 
and placed a drive-thru Chick-fil-a just a few blocks before the Dentist. 
Four grilled chicken nuggets later, 
and I was confident that Aaron's full belly would keep through the appointment. 

We arrive at the Pediatric Dentist. 
"Charm Dentist." 
So cute, so relaxing. 

In the waiting area, they have TWO TVs, 
one with Elmo and one with Shrek, 
and Aaron stood with his mouth opening watching in amazement. 
One mom laughed at his zombie-like-stare and I shrugged with: 
"We don't watch a lot of TV at home" 
I DIDN'T add "...aside from Thomas, football, and golf"
 because I was trying to look cool. Ha. 

When it was time to go back, 
Aaron immediately became BFF with the cutest, sweetest dental hygienist I've ever met. 
Hell, I wanted her to clean MY teeth. 
She smiled and complimented his blue eyes and 
my flirtatious child walked right into her arms for a hug. 
As I said, she was super cute, 
so I give him points for good taste. 

She hoisted him up in the chair 
where he continued to watch Elmo for the 0.5 seconds it took the Dentist to get ready. 

I sat in the chair, 
Aaron in my lap, 
and they lowered him back into a pillow onto the Dentist's lap. 

I know you were hoping for an epic scream fest, 
but... he was good. 
I was shocked. 
He opened his mouth "ahhhhh" for his teeth to be counted, 
scraped (a wee bit of plaque on front... oops), 
and covered with bubble-gum-flavored fluoride (gross). 

You could tell Aaron wasn't thrilled about having the Dentist's fingers in his mouth, 
but I hate it too so I can't blame him. 
He got a little antsy, but we kept repeating: 
"You're doing SO WELL, Aaron, SO WELL!" 
And finally... (with the fluoride)... 
"Last one, then ALL DONE!" 
and with a mouth full of Dentist's fingers, 
Aaron announces: "All done! All done!" 
Cue office laughter. 

And we were done!  
The dentist gave me the quick low-down while the sweet hygienist tried to keep my curious child from exploring every inch of their offices. 
- We brush every night (good), 
- Can switch to fluoride toothpaste (ok), 
- On sippy cups with no bottles (yup), 
- No liquids besides water before bed (yup), 
- And never took a pacifier (dentist was legit shocked: GREAT!

The first meltdown was when I tried to checkout and Aaron wanted to run like a crazy man and how DARE I pick him up. 
But hey, I'd rather have the meltdown at reception than in the dentist chair! 

All the way home, 
Aaron told me the story of the dentist: 
"Mouthhh. Ahhhh. Teeth. Yay, Ah-rom!" 

We walked in the door, 
and 0.5 seconds later... 
he pooped his diaper. 
And I realized I never brought the diaper bag to the dentist. 


Also, fun fact, I cannot spell 
flouride  (fluoride) 
or hygenist (hygienist) 
I clearly fail at the "o" and "u" placements, 
and have something against extra "i"s. 

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  1. Hooray, so glad it went well! And that you have this blog post to remember every detail, of course! Also, I think I'm going to start treating myself to CFA on the way to dentist appointments to make them more enjoyable, so thanks for the tip.