Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jumble of Thoughts

It's been quite some time since I posted a haphazard jumble of my thoughts. 
And since I know that the world wide web has been waiting in anticipation, 
I just might have to oblige. 

First of all, in regards to my post yesterday about trying to be better a better mom, 
we found out today that Aaron has a double ear infection. 
So I'll say it was 50% mom failure and 50% ear infection. 
Today, I did a much better job of being patient and focusing on Aaron, 
but the 1-hour wait at the doctor office + 20 minutes at drugstore really tested that. 

I picked the cart with the squeakest wheel so that everyone would hear us coming at lightning speeds.  
Or not. 

On the note about the double ear infection, 
I commented to the doctor that this was his 7th in 13-months 
(she could only find 5 in 12 months, but I swear there were 2 in Jan-14) 
and so she said it's about time to see a ENT (Ear Nose Throat Doc) 
which is Step 1 on the way to ear tubes. 
I'm a little relieved about the possibility of ear tubes. 
Not that anesthesia on my son doesn't scare the crap out of me, 
but I'd rather him get ear tubes NOW 
than get 5 more ear infections and THEN get ear tubes. 

Also, I wonder if ear tubes will help his speech. 
His vocabulary seems good, 
but his enunciation is horrific, 
and I can't figure out how much is just normal toddler-hood 
and how much is him hearing under water from potential fluid in his ears. 

Apparently when I was reeeaaally little, 
my speech was horrific, 
and then I got ear tubes and never shut up again. 

In other news, 
Timi & Leslie on our zulily today. 
Timi & Leslie was my first Diaper Bag Crush 
and I adore my pewter Hannah diaper bag
However, always looking for the next hot thing, 
I'm developing a pretty strong crush on Lily Jade
All my purses are leather and I think I may be ready to take my diaper bag to the Next Level with leather. 
Of course, at this point, I barely use the diaper bag as it is so there's no point in a splurge. 
The diaper bag  gets thrown in the back of the car 
"in the event of an emergency diaper change" 
and I can count on one FINGER the amount of times we've used it in the past 2 months. 

Also, in other non-interesting news, 
I'm afraid I'm going to have a sore throat forever. 
It simply has never gotten better since tonsillitis
Fortunately, I have my annual wellness visit tomorrow 
(I almost wrote "wellchild visit"... ahem), 
and can ask if this is a chronic condition or what. 
My worst fear is having my tonsils out, 
so I'm hoping this is just a 
"Its winter and it sucks.  It'll get better in the spring."  

Overall, I write this post a bit annoyed at life. 
Not that life has been bad, by any means. 
January was a crappy month of sickness, 
but at the same time, 
I got back into my running schedule and strict calorie-counting, 
and have continued to lose even more weight, 
and no month can ever be considered THAT BAD 
when it includes weightloss! 
Plus Adam had a REALLY light schedule at work. 
No surprise, January is pretty light in the Mergers & Acquisitions Corporate World. 

But this week he's diving back into True Lawyerhood, 
and I fell asleep on the couch last night waiting for him. 
He forewarned me that tonight may be the same, 
which is why I dedicated my night to organizing the house, filing papers, and other odds-n-ends. 
Plus, my productivity will be double-rewarded since our cleaning lady comes tomorrow. 
It's like Christmas every other Friday!

Getting back to my "annoyed at life" comment above 
(since I know you were left hanging there... snort), 
I think I'm significantly more prone to PMS now that I've had a baby. 
It's like clockwork. 
Prior to children, even on low-dose birth control, 
I never had truly predicable PMS hormonal mood swings. 
Now I can identify my poor-attitude-weekends in advance. 
Of course I don't share this Good News with Adam 
because I like to keep him on his toes. 

Ok, I think I should have bored everyone to death by now. 
Hell, I'm bored reading this. 
I'd go to bed and read but I just finished my book ("Dad is Fat" by Jim Gaffigan) and didn't make it to the library to pick up my new one ("Yes, Please!" by Amy Poehler). 
And no, I will never conform you to efficient Kindle/Nook readers out there. 
After this, I'm changing my reading schedule from comedians to something else. 
Anything else. 
Not that comedians aren't great, but my brain could probably use some intellectual stimulation. 
I ordered this book about MotherStyles which talks about using one's personality strengths to improve parenting, but it seems to be delayed in the postal world. 
I'm an ENORMOUS fan of Personality Typing
and have compiled a small list of intellectually-stimulating books I want to read in regards to personality typing and parenthood. 

Ok, if I write even one more paragraph, 
I will most certainly put myself to sleep. 
I promise. 

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  1. Brian had tubes when he was little and I wondered if Colby would need them because apparently it's hereditary! He's been in the clear so far, but you never know, I guess. I have heard it helps with their speech and with their balance! But on that same not, Colby's enunciation is much less clear than Clara's, so I wonder if it's a boy thing? I'm not helping, I know.

    Anyway, hope you cease being annoyed with life this weekend and that you get the right mix of productivity and rest!!