Friday, February 20, 2015

Puttin' it on and Takin' it off

No, this is not a post about stripping. 
Although wouldn't that be an awesome post? 

"Stripper turned Working Mom in Finance." 
It would also make a great movie. 
I'd totally want Olivia Wilde to play me, 
even if she isn't relevant anymore. 


Over the latter half of my life 
(math : 30 / 2 = the last 15 years or so), 
I have had many abrupt weight gains, 
eventually followed by the loooong sloooow [painful] processes of weight loss. 

Interestingly enough, my weight loss method changes every time. 
The only thing that's consistent is that it always sucks
Losing weight means being hungry (no matter the method)
and being hungry sucks

Because I like to show this visually: 

I start this in highschool because 
I don't remember being aware of sizes prior to highschool.

Moving to a new state (NY to PA). 
When: Senior Year of Highschool. 
Weight Gained: 10+ lbs
I was lonely and depressed. 
Probably the closest I've ever come to clinical depression. 
I remember lying awake all night watching TV and then falling asleep in school.

(I admit this is total brag picture.  I mean, c'mon, Eiffel Tower and all) 
Also, remember back when people had to wear watches?  HAHAHA

First Big Dip: Counting Calories
Method: Eating a strict 1,200 calories/day.
When: Senior Year of College
Weight Lost: 10 lbs

I could only find this photo as a crop made into a facebook profile pic. 
I think randomly cropped arms back then were like the duck face now. 
Every chick in college does it even though its so stupid. 

Second Big Dip: Training for 10-Mile Broad Street Run
Method: Running two 3-mile runs during weekday mornings
and building "training runs" up to 10 miles on weekend.
When: 2nd Year After College (~age 23)
Weight Lost: ~5 lbs, BUT...
Went from Size 6 to Size 4. 

Me at Versailles 
(aka: 2nd brag picture)

Third Big Dip: Training for the Marathon
Method: Running one 3-mile and one 6-mile during weekdays
and building "training runs" up to 16 miles on weekends* 
When: ~age 24
Weight Lost: 0 lbs. Fat replaced with muscle. 
Went from Size 4 to Size 2. 
I was RIPPED, man.

*Very sad, I only got to 16 miles before my knee gave out. 
I was devastated.

Me and Adam at his sister's wedding. 
Probably the thinnest my face will ever look in my lifetime. 

Toxic Job Environment. 
When: Age 26-27. 
Weight Gained: 15+ lbs 
It wasn't just the job itself, 
it was the ever-changing management. 
At one point, I had 6 bosses in 6 months. 
It was a bad environment, 
and probably the second time I came close to clinical depression. 
I had severe insomnia and didn't sleep more than 3-4 hours a night. 

Me at our friend's wedding. 
Not sure why I thought a BRIGHT PATTERN dress would hide all the weight I'd gained. 

Pregnancy / Nursing. 
When: Age 27-29. 
Initial Weight Gained: 40 lbs. 
Weight Lost After Birth: 25 lbs. 
Net weight gained: 15 lbs. 
I nursed for 14 months but I ate like I was nursing for 2. 
So the weight never truly fell off. 
Size: 10 

Fourth Dip: Fall 2014 through Winter 2015 (ongoing)
Method: Calorie Counting (1,500 calories/day)
and running 2-3 miles twice a week after work. 
Weight Lost (so far): 15 lbs

Fueled by a competition with my coworker, 
I lost 10 lbs in the Fall, finally seeing my fat 6s / skinny 8s!

We took a break over Nov-Dec, 
where we managed to maintain - NOT gain - weight! 
and have since resumed.  

As of Valentine's day, I have lost an additional 5 lbs, 
I was able to fit into one of my favorite dresses, 
which I haven't seen over OVER THREE YEARS, 
probably more like four years. 

Very Very Very VERY exciting. 

Of course, my goal is to continue to lose weight. 
Another 5 lbs would put me in the 120s, 
which I haven't seen since before my marathon-running days. 
So exciting!

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  1. So many highs and lows in this post... literally and figuratively! I think every woman can relate to this up/down thing to an extent. I have actually stayed within 5 pounds of my weight for the past 7+ years (minus the pregnancy, of course), BUT because my weight is so consistent, if I gain 3-4 pounds and have trouble getting back down, I obsess over it and drive myself crazy. I hate being a girl!

    All that to say, you look great- and I think you look great in all of those pics, honestly!