Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Perfect Balance to Avoid Burnout

There are times I feel completely burnt out by work. 
(Today was one of them.)

This isn't a working-mom-exclusive complaint. 
I went through several "burnt out" episodes when childless, 
and I have childless friends who continually are burnt out. 
Sometimes it's just a rough patch in the job, 
and sometimes it's enough to change jobs
(which I've done twice). 

When I feel completely burnt out by my job, 
I like to dream about being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). 
But it's abundantly clear that even the happiest SAHM can feel burnt out too. 
Kids are hard work! 
A very different kind of work versus deadlines and management, 
but still an incredible amount of work. 
So this leads me to the question... 
is there a perfect balance in-between? 

Some way to a balance silly nakedness on the kitchen step stool...

... with productive time at work?

(Like my new desk decorations? Christmas presents!)

What about part-time? 
One of my coworkers used to work part-time when her kids were little, 
and said it was the absolute BEST of both worlds. 
Low-commitment job that still allowed a creative outlet, 
while balancing time with her children. 
Strangely enough, part-time work isn't abundant in finance. 
I think there's a small niche for part-time temp help in accounting 
(we've hired one or two to cover maternity leave), 
but I've heard temp accounting to be pretty awful. 

Since all my coworkers and I just threw $5 apiece in a pot for Powerball, 
I'm going to go ahead and dream big here. 

I think the best kind of balance would be SAHM, with in-home help. 
Such as having a baby-sitter/nanny come in 4-5 hours a day for 5 days a week, 
so I could get out and do something
whether it as simple as a yoga class or going for a run, 
or something as creative a attending culinary arts school on the side, 
but still have plenty of time at home 
to spend playing with trains and "cooking" in the play kitchen.

Of course, that costs a fair amount of money. 
And the Big Law Firm World isn't quite dishing out the cash just yet. 
Give it like 10 more years. 

Of course, like anything in parenting, 
the perfect balance is completely different for everyone. 
Some moms need more time in the corporate world (several of my friends), 
while some need more time at home (my mother). 
And in addition, 
it's probably vastly different for the stages of childhood. 

I have to think that mothering toddlers is much more likely to lead to burn out, 
than say... mothering fairly independent 8-year-olds. 
(Disclaimer: this is based on babysitting experience only)

What would be your perfect balance?

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  1. I so wish I could work part-time- I really do think it would be the best of both worlds! Of course, I'm sure the grass is always greener, as with most situations, and I'd probably find something to complain about even if I did just work part-time! Your idea of not working but having a nanny sounds pretty great... just waiting for that money tree in our backyard to start producing!