Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Pinterest

I am HUGE fan of holiday-themed-fun. 

But I also suck at it. 

This year, I selected two relatively simple projects from my 

Simple, right? 

I used our go-to pancake mix (just add water!) 
then added in strawberries and sprinkles. 
You'll notice the plain pancakes are because Adam is a party pooper. 

Unfortunately, they weren't as pretty once flipped. 

But check out my pretty heart-shaped plate! 
I was trying to channel some Little Baby Garvin
who I think is the Queen of Themes. 
And every holiday, I want her to adopt me.

Again, mine were not pretty, but they were yummy! 
Ironically, even though Aaron loved the sprinkles for the recipe below, 
he kept picking them out of his pancake and handing them to my like a booger. 
Well then!

except I used this recipe

So here's the play-by-play: 

Ingredients assembled. 
Aaron is excited for the food that lies ahead. 

Popcorn popped and spread out. 
Chex and pretzels added. 
Several handfuls consumed by Aaron. 

White chocolate melted and poured. 
("No touch, Aaron, HOT HOT HOT!") 
Then sprinkles and M&Ms added. 

It was a TINY bit (sarcasm) messy, 
but I guess anything with Aaron is. 

Lessons learned

1. Contrary to the recipe, I wouldn't use a whole bag of popcorn. 
I prefer more chex/pretzel ratio. 

3. Also, the recipe doesn't specify how much white chocolate, 
but you certainly need more than 2 cups of melting chips. 
Two cups barely covered it. 

3. I should have combined a bit more. 
After it had cooled, I found big pools of white chocolate, 
and then some popcorn that didn't get a single bit. 
So year, stirring needs to be a serious effort. 

All that said, it was FREAKIN' DELICIOUS. 
Like CRACK. 
Once I took a nibble, I couldn't stop. 
I estimated the entire recipe at around 2,500-3,000 calories... 
and I ate it ALL between Thursday night and Valentine's Day. 

Aaron helped a little by coming up and asking for: "Mo' Popcorn?" 
And c'mon now, it's not THAT unhealthy. 
Popcorn and pretzels are healthy snacks...
...Just don't mind the white chocolate and M&Ms. 

I had written a nice little post about how I've lost weight recently, 
but maybe I should hold off on posting that for a bit... 

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  1. Props to your Pinteresty skillz! We attempted heart-shaped pancakes and failed. Hopefully the pink cake pops count for something...