Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend

While I'm not prone to general weekend recaps 
(I know you're sad; our riveting life is great insomnia reading material), 
I find I really like to recap "holiday" weekends, 
for no other reason than it's fun to remember what we do every year. 

We kicked off our Valentine's Day weekend with Adam getting a call 
at 5-freaking-30 on Friday afternoon saying a partner in NY 
needed a ton of contracts reviewed by Sunday afternoon. 
[insert MUCH swearing here] 
I totally get that Big Law Firm World requires weekend work, 
but I hate the last second call to action. 
Like geez, you couldn't have planned this out earlier? 
Not even like 2pm that day?  


Our daycare being the clever creative people they are, 
gave us a ton of Valentine's Day crafts. 
They also had sent out an email weeks in advance letting us know all the first names of the kids in each class in case parents wanted to send in Valentine's. 
Um, these kids are ONE. 
They don't give a crap about Valentine's Day. 
They aren't even handing out the cards, 
because duh, they'd rather eat them!

So I was one of two mothers in his class that didn't send in treats. 
Instead we received a giant bag of cards, candy, etc: 

I consider this a giant donation to our on-the-go snack bin. 
Except the Kit Kat bar... Adam ate that immediately. 

There were also two "temporary tattoo" stickers. 
Adam insisted on putting one on his side, 
and wants to put one on Aaron. 
I suggested a tramp stamp, 
but realistically, if we want Aaron to hold still, 
it'll have to go on his hand or something

Valentine's Day morning opened up with pancakes
and then I went for a run with our friend Tim while Adam took a break from work. 

I'm starting to amp up my training for the 10-mile Broad Street Run in May, 
and this week was 5 miles. 
Tim and I picked Valley Forge National Park
not considering that the park is VERY windy. 
(Or, as my iPhone would say. "DUCKING FREEZING") 
Wind chill had to be in single digits. 
I was dressed in my super thermal gear and still came back red-skinned. 

There was also an enormous regional Boy Scouts event, 
with hundreds of boys sitting around listening to Revolutionary War reenactments while we ran past. 
I asked Tim why all Boy Scouts dads were incredibly fat, 
which spawned a 2-mile debate over the health of parents. 
Anyone is welcome to weigh in with their opinions on this important topic. 

After was pretty standard: 
shower (Aaron insisted on joining), 
lunch (more popcorn crack), 
books and nap, 
haircut for Mommy 
(I was super proud of myself for scheduling this on V-day, 
so I didn't have to separately do my hair that night!)
emergency Target run because we're out of milk, 
and playing in the snow waiting for Aunt Rebecca to arrive for babysitting!

We've had a King of Prussia steakhouse theme for the last few Valentine's Days, 
first Sullivan's, and then Capital Grille.
This year was Morton's, 
and next year will be the highly controversial Ruth's Chris 
(with the passionate "buttered steak" debate). 

I have to say that I was QUITE pleased I fit into one of my favorite dresses, 
which I haven't been able to wear for over THREE years. 

I think I was more excited about the dress than dinner. 
Dinner was delicious, 
but the restaurant was setup poorly which took away from the ambiance. 

After eating WAY too much, 
we relieved my sister and fell asleep on the couch watching The Hangover on TV. 
Soooo romantic. 

Sunday morning, 
I woke up terribly sick from the amount of food we ate. 
I seriously considered going for a run, then I checked my phone. 

It was EIGHT DEGREES with a "real feel" of -5. 
Look, we do NOT live in Wisconsin or North Dakota or any other arctic states. 
This is Philadelphia. 
Our winter temperatures are supposed to hover around the 20s/30s. 
None of this single-digit crap. 

Moving on. 
I had a burst of insane energy that morning, 
and decided to tackle organizing the whole house. 
Which included - but not limited to
reorganizing all of our giftbags into categories 
(christmas, hanukkah, baby, wedding, etc), 
reorganizing Aaron's entire closet, 
reorganizing my entire closet, 
I was proud. 

Aaron started to go stir crazy, 
so we headed to the mall for the kiddie play area. 

Home, nap, and another playdate with our BFF William! 
William's mom Virginia and I met in prenatal yoga, 
live only a neighborhood apart, 
and the boys are 4 months apart. 

Then, for the big weekend finale, 

I attempted my FIRST EVER risotto. 

I tried this recipe (omitting the chicken), 
and I think it turned out very well! 
Perhaps a wee bit thick, but I loved it. 

Also, risotto is really hard work. 
Stir, baby, Stir!

Overall, a great weekend. 
I'd say "no complaints" 
but I complained about the weather TWICE. 
Because it's DUCKING COLD. 

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  1. Boo to the law firm attempting to ruin your weekend!! But glad it somewhat redeemed itself with dinner out (cute dress!) and running. I'm curious: what temp is your limit for outside activities? Because for me, if it's below 35, I'm not going running! And same if it's above 95, which as you know is a very real possibility here in the summer!