Friday, March 13, 2015

23 Month-Old Quirks

By now you may be shocked to find out that this is predominantly a "mom blog." 
"Mom blog" always sounded frumpy to me, 
which is silly because I know of exactly no frumpy mom bloggers. 
In the spirit of my mom blog-y-ness, 
I must keep up with yet another series about Aaron's quirks. 
These are probably only funny to me, 
as his mother, 
so bear with me. 

For Christmas, Aaron received a play set of food, 
and while we were all "cooking" together one weekend, 
we quizzed him on the food in his stockpot. 
Holding Strawberry:  "What's this?"  "Sah-berry" 
Holding Broccoli: "What's this?"  "Brah-ca-leh" 
Holding Carrot: "What's this?" "Nose" 

It's true, the last time he's seen a carrot (not in a casserole), 
was when we made a snowman and used a carrot for the nose! 

Building on his obsession of nakedness
Aaron now wants EVERYONE to join in the fun. 
When my sister and brother-in-law visited, 
Aaron was obsessed with getting Uncle Matt naked. 
Aaron took off his own shirt and 
then requested: "Un-ah Matt NAKED?!" 
Uncle Matt declined, of course, 
But Aaron wasn't taking no for an answer! 
He reached for Uncle Matt's belt... 
"Pants off?" 

We kept trying to get it on video, 
but of course failed. 
What a great highschool graduation video that would be. 
Asking to take off Uncle Matt's pants. 

I'm quite positive Aaron would be eternally happy 
if only we lived in a Nudist Colony. 

Aaron reading Find Momo with Uncle Matt. 
As you can see, Aaron is dwelling in his nakedness. 
Uncle Matt is not. 

Aaron has various habits that continually amuse me. 
One is regarding his Thomas trains,  
And their "sleeping" arrangements. 
Whenever he leaves the train table, 
he must remove each and every train from the track, 
and place them in one pile. 
Sometimes, they are placed in the drawer under the table. 
But the majority of the time, 
they are on the table, 
off the tracks, 
in a pile. 

And one last one... 

Aaron doesn't see the appeal in actually sticking them anywhere 
(thank you thank you... may this phase last 'till college) 
but he likes to collect them. 
These were acquired during his traumatic recovery from anesthesia with ear tubes

These stickers are labeled as such 
(top right clockwise): 
"Elmo Blue" 

Apparently Daddy looks like Kristof from Frozen. 
Do you see the resemblance? 

"Real" Daddy: 


Totally identical.

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  1. I think his love for being naked is so funny! And I love that Grover is "Blue Elmo." The twins call every character on Sesame Street Elmo as well :)

    Can't believe these kids are about to be TWO!!