Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2nd Birthday Weekend

Aaron is 2! 
I'd say "it's hard to believe," but its not the number that's hard to believe. 
It's how he's grown, so much taller, thinner. 
I look at him and I just don't see any baby left. 
He's so handsome. 
(Because beauty is in the eye of the mother

To kickoff birthday weekend, 
our first stop was Adventure Aquarium

Aaron loved the hippos, the crocodile, and all the fish 
(anything floating in water was fish... even crabs). 

He was a little timid around the sharks, 
especially in the shark tunnel where they swam around and above, 
but he had zero fear of touching a stingray. 
Meanwhile, I was totally grossed out. 

Sunday kicked off with a new birthday haircut, 
complete with his first faux hawk style. 
Which I loved so much that we bought the gel they used. 
It's not super organic toxic-free like all the other products I use on him, 
but c'mon, its gel.  Its not eaten or smeared on his skin, so yeah. 

Sunday afternoon was where the real fun kicked off. 
Our ity bity tiny townhome was flooded with friends, family, and small children. 
Aaron absolutely loved it. 
He also went BIZERK for presents. 

And to say we hit the jackpot of presents, was an understatement. 
Water table. 
Radio flyer bike. 
Basketball hoop. 
Matchbox cars. 
Unlike my Christmas rant, I have zero complaints. 
We have such great friends and family. 

Then CAKE. 
Aaron has loved cake since Zach's birthday in February
If he ever is eating cake, pie, cupcakes, etc., 
all attendees must sing "happy birthday." 
So to have his own cake, 
with candles, 
and EVERYONE there to sing happy birthday... 
if my child could cry happy tears, he would have. 

(side story on cake: 
I'm bringing out the cake and I realize "Do I have candles?!?!" 
Because we are good Jews
I knew we had menorah candles. 
Fortunately, I dug out candles from my cookie decorating box
Otherwise, menorah candles it would be!)

Aaron had the best time. 
I love my little Extrovert.

We considered taking off his actual birthday, 
but we decided the weekend was enough. 
We sent in cupcakes with daycare for snack time. 
 (storebought cupcakes, because Spiced Rum Cupcakes seemed inappropriate) 

After work, 
it was too cold for the park so we did the next best... 
I got Aaron his usual 4-ct grilled nuggets, 
while I sampled the free Frosted Lemonade which 
did not disappoint. 
And Aaron can attest because he drank over half of it. 

So overall, a successful birthday weekend!

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  1. Yay so glad he (and you) had a great time celebrating his birthday! But seriously... how are our babies already 2?!