Friday, March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life

I love reading about people's routines. 
It's kind of weird, 
but then I find that other people love it too, 
so it seems ever-so-slightly less weird. 

I really wanted to do a "Picture-every-Hour" post for a while, 
but there's a whole stretch of 8-9 hours
which would be pictures of my office over and over. 

So, instead, I'll put together the less-exciting, 
but-equally-long post about our weekday routines. 

 Our mornings haven't changed since Adam started in Big Law World back in October
I just sleep in a little more and rush a lot more. 

6:00-6:30: Alarm goes off and I snooze every 5 minutes. 

6:30: Up and in the shower. 
Aaron's bedroom shares a wall with the shower, 
so this usually wakes him up if he isn't up already

6:30-7:00: Get me ready and get Aaron ready. 
How do I get two people ready in 30 minutes? 
I have a streamlined makeup routine and I don't blow-dry my hair. 
Yes, I'm that person who goes to work with damp hair.

7:15: I'm out the door, 
while Adam and Aaron are having their leisurely breakfast.

7:30: I arrive and my workday begins. 
Meanwhile, Adam spends the morning engaging Aaron in some highly education hands-on projects, like watching Thomas or golf or flipping through videos on the iPad. 
I tease, but I know they both treasure this little hour alone.

7:45: Adam packs up Aaron in the car. 

8:00-8:10: Daycare dropoff. 

8:10: Adam calls to tell me about the morning activities
and how daycare dropoff went. 
90% of the time, these conversations begin with a chuckle of: 
 "He's so bad" and then a little story of my devious child. 

8:30: Adam catches his train into the office. 

9:00: Adam walks into his office and his workday begins. 


4:00: I leave work and head to Aaron's daycare. 

4:15 - 5:00: I park at the daycare and run 3.5 mile loop out and around the area.

5:00-5:10: Daycare pickup!

5:20: Arrive home and commence our evening of fun. 

I've generally learned my lesson on trying to make dinner or be productive in the evenings, but every now and then I have to relearn it

Our evening usually entails "stations" of toys. 

We always start with trains: 

Followed by donning our sweatshirts and heading to the arctic basement playroom. 

Here we cook: 

And build blocks: 

And play golf with Daddy's putting green in the Man Cave: 

As the weather gets warmer, 
these play activities at home are substituted by the park. 

6:00: I coax Aaron upstairs for dinner, 
which is either leftovers, 
or some thrown-together meal like scrambled eggs or sandwiches. 
And once in a while, we really up our nutrition and settle on nachos

6:10pm: Dishes,
where I wash and Aaron either puts the dishes in the dishrack 
or, in the case of measuring spoons and measuring cups, 
carries them around the house for the rest of the night. 
(And then I find the 1/3 cup measurer under the couch)

 6:20: Bath 
 This can either be a battle into the tub or a battle out of the tub. 
There is no rhyme or reason, 
except there is always a battle. 

If it's a non-bath night, 
then we'll use this time to watch a Thomas or two. 
I don't mind because I get snuggles on the couch. 

 6:45pm: PJs, sleepsack, teeth brushing, and books. 
Books are my favorite part of the day. 
Since we upped his book collection with some awesome Dr. Suess
I'm loving the tongue-twisting wacky reading adventures of the evening. 
I think I should have a Black Belt in Fox in Socks.

7:00: Lights off. 
I sing "Jesus Loves Me" because that's what my Daddy sang to me when I was little. 
Then Aaron is into the crib. 
And immediately, he begs for "Mama sit". 
I usually oblige. 

 7:10: I leave his room and he throws a fit begging for more "Mama sit!" 
This fit lasts about 45 seconds. 


Clean house, 
Prep dinner, 
Make tomorrow's lunches, 
and maybe do an extra scour to see if I can find that damn missing puzzle piece
If Adam gets home early from work (early = 7pm), 
then we may enjoy some quality couch cuddles 
and catch up on our favorite TV shows 
(Walking Dead, Big Bang, Modern Family) 
or just watch some high quality Family Feud with Steve Harvey. 

9:30-10: Read in bed
...or fall asleep on the couch and have Adam drag me upstairs. 

Rinse and Repeat!

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  1. I love reading these! I'm jealous of how late you have to wake up and how early you get off of work... although considering my weekends start at 11:30 am on Fridays, I can't really complain.

    Also, we sing "Jesus Loves Me" to the twins every night, too! But first we sing "Twinkle Twinkle," then "You Are My Sunshine," and then "Jesus Loves Me" is the grand finale. Sounds like a lot, I know, but they go by quickly.

    Also, have you ever heard of Chris Tomlin (Christian singer)? His version of "Jesus Loves Me" is awesome and makes me want to cry: