Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aftermath Thoughts

Sometimes work sucks and I just wish I was a SAHM. 
Sometimes home life is a bit much and I'm glad I'm a Working Mom. 

Today was the latter. 

This past weekend we experienced the glory of the overnight Stomach Bug
and despite my expectation that "it'll only last 24 hours,"
it was not so. 
 A factor I learned when Aaron puked in his car seat on the way to the doctors. 

(Yes, we wore PJs to the doctors)

Now let me present to you, 
a random assortment of thoughts from our day+ home:

1. I feel that puking in the car seat is one of those Mothers Rite of Passage
Like you don't fully claim your status of mother until you are scraping slimy, pink puke out of every hole of the car seat. And washing it down with baking soda/vinegar. 

2. I am not easily overwhelmed.
I shine in high-pressure situations, 
in that I'm not one to "freak out." 
My mom is definitely the opposite, 
and there's a whole slew of stories from my childhood of my swooping in to "save" one of my little sisters when my mom was freaking out. 
Yesterday afternoon, 
when Aaron had puked in his car seat on the way to the doctor, 
I didn't bring an extra set of clothes, 
and my entire week's schedule was falling apart by the threads, 
I felt the panic rising. 
Fortunately, the superhero NAP swooped in to save the day. 
And in 2.5 hours, my Control Freak had regained control.
The car seat was cleaned, 
laundry was done, 
house was put back together, 
work was addressed, 
the weeks' schedule was sorted out,
and I was once again Master and Commander of all things Life. 
:: waves flag* of victory ::
*flag may have puke on it

3.  I have hit my max Lion King
Like any paranoid mother, I'm very careful to moderate TV time, 
except in Survival Mode
Growing up, sick time was the only time I was allowed unlimited TV time. 
And we employ that same philosophy. 
That said, 
after watching the Lion King five times since Sunday. 
I'm done with Simba
I dream of Simba. 
And all of the above is why I was so relieved to walk into work at noon. 
Keeping down his breakfast and being fever-free 
earned Aaron the right to go back to daycare today. 
And as I walked out, I breathed a sigh of relief. 
And went back to a world a spreadsheets 
without vomit. 


1 comment:

  1. Maybe you should combine both worlds and make spreadsheets ABOUT the vomit? Or do some kind of cost benefit analysis of the whole situation?

    Glad he's feeling better and that you are done (for now!) cleaning puke out of the car seat!