Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter Basket Dilemma

I've mentioned before that I LOVE holiday themes, 
but I'm also TERRIBLE at them. 

With Valentine's Day complete, 
I'm plotting the next few holidays. 
I have two cool ideas for St. Patrick's day:
although neither may happen because St Patrick's day is on a weekday and the following weekend is Aaron's 2nd birthday. 

So let's JUMP (hehe) ahead to Easter! 
I struggle with an appropriate Easter basket for Aaron. 
Last year we hid cheerios in Easter eggs and 
it turned into a mild marital fight when Aaron cut his finger on an egg, 
and Adam wanted to go all bandaid crazy 
and I wanted Aaron to finish the damn Easter egg hunt 
because he didn't even notice the cut! 
Our marriage survived.

Mommy Swoon Moment: 
This was before his first ever haircut.  
Look at those wispy little hairs!

I want to do another Easter Egg Hunt this year, 
but this year using M&Ms instead of cheerios, 
since Aaron actually knows what chocolate is now. 

But what about the Easter basket? 

I have three rules on Easter baskets: 
1) Not a lot of candy 
2) No little crappy junk 
3) Not too expensive

My childhood Easter Basket was a lot like my childhood stocking stuffers:
new toothbrushes,  etc. 
Most of those "necessities" Aaron already has and/or doesn't need more.

I think I want to do an Easter book, 
like Clifford, or Curious George, or 
this funny-looking book I saw on Little Baby Garvin called 
'Wolfie the Bunny' which I can't tell is age-appropriate for Aaron. 
(Aaron likes Dr Seuss books, but most others are too long). 

Any suggestions from anyone who has read those three books? 

And maybe a $5 pair of sunglasses from Target. 

 And ... then what? 

Aaron has LESS THAN ZERO interest in arts and crafts. 
We don't need more stuffed animals (HELL NO), 
We don't need new sippy cups. 

I could throw in a few Thomas trains but those add up quickly.


1 comment:

  1. Ok here are a few ideas:
    - bunny-shaped mac & cheese (I think Annie's makes one)
    - Annie's bunny crackers
    - crayons (unless he hates those, too)
    - swim trunks to go with his sunglasses
    - We got "The Story of Easter" board book (by Thomas Nelson) and "Duck and Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!" for the twins this year
    - Maybe a DVD? We got the twins a Veggie Tales Easter one last year (which they might finally be able to appreciate this year, ha)!
    - bath toys
    - play-doh (ugh)
    - socks

    And that's all I've got... for now!