Monday, March 30, 2015

Highlights of a Low Key Weekend

We needed this weekend. 
As much as Aaron and I love our people-packed weekends, 
every now and then my orderly OCD side wins out and needs a weekend to recoup. 
Our highlights were low-key. 
And I got a lot done around the house. 

Highlights of the weekend 
(in chronological order, not order of excitement): 

Finishing my 7 mile run.  
I was really worried about this since I'd fallen behind while sick. 
It was a slow run, but I finished it. 
Next week is 8 miles and then we should be back on track for Broad Street

Beer Resupply 
This time we opted for Harpoon Brewery's UFO
and oh my gosh, is this good. 
I created my own happy hours this weekend for this beer.  

Aaron's Overwhelming Joy at these Shopping Carts 
Khols is big in the Philadelphia area, 
but I'm not a fan. 
I liken it to JCPenney, as in "the place my mom shops." 
But we had a giftcard and needed new down pillows for our bed, 
so we embarked on this store, 
and lo and behold, 
these carts are apparently awesome 
because Aaron didn't want to leave

Getting our Taxes Done 
(with the help of a bottle of wine) 

Aaron's First Time in Church Nursery 
To say we've been church slackers is a dramatic understatement. 
We haven't been there in months. 
Also, Adam didn't like the idea of Aaron being watched by "strangers" in the nursery, (which I think is odd, having grown up with Sunday School, but I guess that Synagogues aren't big on kids programs).
Anyway, Adam was golfing so I decided to take Aaron to church 
and (dun dun dun) the nursery! 
Unsurprisingly, Aaron was totally fine. 
He didn't bat an eye when I left
 and was very excited to show me his papers to take home. 
He was also VERY excited to tell me that they sang 
["This Little"] "Light of Mine" which we sometimes sing at bedtime.

Buying my New Summer Shoes 
I have needed new summer shoes for at least 3 summers, 
but could never find the perfect pair. 
Sunday afternoon, when Adam got back from golf, 
I took advantage of the "you were gone for 6 hours so now I'm going out" 
and browsed the mall. 
And lo and behold... 

Successful new Pinterest Recipe 
After the horrid disaster that was the last pinterest attemps, 
 I was a little nervous to try these new stuffed peppers.
I changed the recipe a bit (red peppers, not pre-cooking, etc) 
and it was a smashing success. 
Aaron asked for "more" (a true test) 
and Adam dubbed them better than the previous victors

And that's that. 
That's our weekend. 
Nice and relaxing.

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  1. LOVE those shoes, and sounds like a great weekend to me! I do think Kohl's is good for deals on some items (especially stuff for the house), but it bugs me how they mark up their prices and then put them on "sale" and act like they are super discounted, whereas they are really just appropriately priced. BUT the shopping carts might make up for that infraction ;)

    And I'll have to try stuffed peppers in the crock pot some time! I would associate stuffed peppers as a semi-Mexican dish, by the way...