Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Life Lately

Tonight/tomorrow we're supposed to be hit with "the big one." 
You know, the "one" that brings 15 feet of snow. 
And grounds the area to a halt for days
It's the same saga for every snowstorm that creeps near us, 
and at this point I'm a wee bit skeptical. 
Yet, that doesn't stop me from pretending we'll have a snow day tomorrow, 
and therefore leave all the laundry, cleanup, and whatnot for another time. 

So what shall I do instead? 
How about I pump out a boring post about our life lately? 

This past weekend was pretty packed. 
As Master and Commander of the Family Social Events Calendar, 
this is par for the course. 
Aaron - quite the Toddler Extrovert - is usually also on board, 
But this time I may have overdone it just a tad
Saturday was relatively "calm" by our standards. 
I went for a frigid 6 mile run in the 11 degree morning, 
while Adam took Aaron grocery shopping. 
Again, thank you, thermal running gear
That afternoon, we had William over as part of our "child swap" weekend. 
(Once a month, one couple hosts a sleepover which gives the other couple a free date night) 
Aaron was SO EXCITED to have William come over. 
He stood with his nose pressed to the door for a SOLID 15 minutes. 

We had a great night with food and toys 
and "playing together" where 
"playing together" = steal + tackle + scream
and occasionally very brief moments of actual interaction like block-building.

Aaron didn't sleep great that night, 
and I ended up in their (shared) room in the rocker at 4:30am. 
An hour and a half later, 
I woke up to them playing "peek-a-boo" with each other and 
both laughing so hard I was sure they would $hit their pants. 

 We had a good morning destroying the house, 
and then William went home much to Aaron's dismay. 
Immediately, I packed up Aaron for a trip to Grandma/Grandpa's house 
so Adam could get work done 
while I went out to lunch with two of my BFFs. 

Post-nap for Aaron and post-lunch with the girls, 
we picked up Adam and heading to the other set of grandparents for dinner. 
This includes Aaron's favorite person in the world, cousin Ryan

Right before we left, 
Aaron had a total complete meltdown. 
Like epic exhaustion of uncontrollable tears and mommy-clutching. 
3 different "events" (by toddler standard) in 1 day is just too much. 

This week has been awfully busy at work, 
the kind of stressful busy that just ruins a Working Mom's day. 

Monday, my dad graciously took Aaron after daycare while I worked late. 
My dad's sainthood was rewarded by a total diaper blowout in the car seat. 
Like remove-car-seat-to-clean-it blowout. 
That hasn't happened since his exclusive nursing days. 
We only save the best for Grandpa!

Tuesday, Aaron had a fieldtrip from Daycare by staying home with Adam's mom. 
I came home and "MomMom" treated us both to dinner at the gourmet Chick-fil-a,
 where Aaron was able to take part in his first juice box. 

And it went just about how we expected it to: 
Soaking wet in apple juice. 

Aaron capped off his Chick-fil-a adventure by unleashing an unusually violent-smelling poop in the play area. 
So when you crawl through the tunnels chasing your children, 
and wonder, "why does it smell like crap?" 
It was my kid. 

Not to be outdone, 
Wednesday presented its own fun when Adam arrived at the daycare 
only to find that they had no power. 
Adam had to catch his train into the city, 
so I went and picked up Aaron to head home. 
Well, just as we got home, 
the daycare called to say the power was back on. 
At this point, I'd already promised the Lion King, 
and, well, you can't go back on Lion King Promises. 

After Lion King, I headed back to work 
which was yet another busy day, 
most of which was scrambling to get done what was needed 
in case tomorrow is a snow day. 

Which means, since I PREPARED, 
there will be like 0.5 inches of snow overnight. 
Just wait and see. 

Tonight Frozen came in the mail 
and I totally won't lie that I was more excited than Aaron. 
So, to prepare our mindset for the impending-won't-happen-snow-day, 
we spent the evening watching Frozen and eating Annie's mac&cheese. 

In other news, 
I am facing an internal household crisis. 

I present to you: 
The missing puzzle piece. 

This is basically like a gigantic 
in my life. 

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  1. Toddler sleepover = small glimpse into life with twins! I think we've discussed that before, but maybe not. I'm jealous of your Chick-fil-a consumption, movie-watching, and even your snow, but I know that I wouldn't be jealous if I had to deal with it on a regular basis. Also, the missing puzzle piece would drive me insane, too- will you be able to go to sleep tonight??