Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Over It

Today it was in the 50s and the sun was shining. 
In other words, HELLO SUMMER!
This was a record cold winter for Philadelphia, 
and although we thankfully had minimal snow 
(everything predicted to hit us instead went to Boston... sorry, Boston), 
I'm still SO OVER it. 
So it is with ZERO SADNESS that I'd like to bid my farewell to the following: 

1. Goodbye, Dryness.

I am ready to NOT apply lotion 48 times a day. 
I am ready for my hands to look like white collar feminine hands, 
and not like a lumberjack who forgot her gloves. 

2. Goodbye, Salty Cars. 
Every car on the road has had crusty salt caked all over it. 
Doesn't matter if the car is red, blue, or neon yellow, 
the streets look like a sea of gray cars. 
Car washing is just an exercise in futility, 
because only an hour later, 
my car was blending in with the rest of the gray population. 

3. Goodbye, Arctic Runs
Saturday was [hopefully] our last cold burst, 
and I went for a run when it was 9 degrees. 
I was like Jake Gyllenhaal in Day After Tomorrow, 
because every time I paused at a stoplight, 
I felt the frost creeeeping onto my lips. 
(Because, as everyone knows, you can outrun frost... right)

4. Goodbye, Seasonal Depression. 
Ok, I don't know if I actually have season depression, 
but I can say that I'm always happier after being outside. 
Or to quote Olaf:

Now that I have bid my farewells, 
I'd like to say HELLO to SUMMER! 
Hello, shiny clean car.
Hello, running in shorts. 
Hello, fresh berries on everything
Hello, trips to the park. 
And Aaron's favorite... 
Hello, Basketball! 

(Maybe this year he can actually reach it... hehe)

1 comment:

  1. Obviously not as cold here and we don't have snow, but I am totally over the rain, so I'll join you in this! I don't want summer yet though... just spring, and preferably spring that will last until October so I never have to deal with summer!