Monday, March 9, 2015

Seasonal Produce I Don't Like

It wasn't until Aaron was born that my brain wrapped around the concept of "seasonality." 
Once I started making my baby food, 
I dove head-first into the organic produce section, 
and began to understand WHY I couldn't find organic raspberries in the dead of winter. 
(Shocker, I know

About a year ago, I stumbled upon this pin 
that laid out seasonality by MONTH. 
And the lightbulb went on. 

Disclaimer: I have NOT verified the authenticity of this pin 
except that it is SPOT ON with the produce department at Wegmans. 

This pin taught me to allow berries overload in the summer 
(no joke, Aaron would go through a bulk box of $15 organic blueberries every week)
and introduced me to my favorite pomegranate salad in the winter months.

And then comes March.  
The dreaded March. 
The pomegranates have disappeared from the produce section. 

Foods In Season in March (alphabetically): 
Artichokes - meh
Arugula - hate
Asparagus - dislike 
Avocado - hate with firey passion 
Beets - hate with passion 
Boy choy - only eat at fancy restaurants 
Broccoli - meh 
Cabbage - hate 
Carrots - YUM 
Celery - hate 
Collard Greens - hate 
Endive - don't know how to make it 
Escarole - what is this?? 
Grapefruit - meh
Guava - dislike 
Kale - hate with firey passion 
Kumquats - what is this??
Leeks - hate 
Lemons - what uses besides alcoholic drinks?
Limes - what uses besides alcoholic drinks? 
Oranges - YUM 
Parsnips - fail every time I try to cook it
Radicchio - hate 
Radishes - double hate 
Spinach - YUM 
Sunchokes - what is this??
Turnips - hate 

Ok, so besides lemons/limes for alocholic beverages, 
I've got carrots, oranges, and spinach.
I eat an orange every day at work, 
and spinach is great for salads, but what do you put ON the salad?
 And I only like carrots when cooked, and I'm not going to cook them every night. 

I started pinning some citrus salad ideas, 

but not sure how they will keep overnight 
(I pack all my work food the night before)

So now what?

Any ideas? 

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  1. I am no help because my list basically matches yours except I do not like oranges and I DO like avocados... how could you not like avocados?! More importantly, how could you not like guacamole?! Granted, I refused to try it until I was, like, 25, but now my life has been changed for the better.