Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stupid Blocks

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of "organic" toys. 
While other moms love simple wooden train sets, 
and soft wooden teethers, and the whatnot, 
I find most of said toys "boring." 

 I also don't like Melissa & Doug. 
I know, GASP!
It's amazing if Aaron ever makes it to kindergarten!
(sarcasm over)

On top of that, I additionally hate ANY toy that lights up or makes noise, 
 so our house is a careful collection of "plastic silent toys." 

 Thomas the Train set is one of MY favorite (and Aaron's too). 
Little People (even though the vehicles make noise... it's brief). 
Kitchen Set with colorful plastic toys, etc. 

For the record, I am a huge fan of Green Toys
which are "chemically-safe" recycled plastics. 
So maybe that gives me a few "organic mom" gold stars. 
(I'll take what I can get)

Ok, so now you know my stance on toys, 
let me talk about these stupid blocks.

My coworker with a much-older child, 
brought in a HUGE bag of wooden blocks. 
From what I can tell, they look like Melissa & Doug, minus the box. 

While I am a Lego connoisseur, 
these blocks struck me as "meh."
I tried to build with them, 
but Aaron just knocked them down. 
He wasn't interested. 
I wasn't interested. 
So they sat in a bag taking up precious space in our tiny townhouse. 

 I had great plans to sell them for like $5 at an upcoming JBF Sale
 then something happened. 

One day, we were in the playroom, 
I was updating our finances on the computer while 
Aaron was destroying the kitchen set. 
And all of a sudden I hear "clank." 
I turn around. 
He stacked a block on one another. 
Then another "clank." 
He wanted to build!  

Over the past week, 
as we rotate through our stages of toy play, 
we always end with blocks. 
And we build towers over and over again.

And I have to say, 
it's pretty fun too. 
We play the game of 
"how high can the tower get?
Although when the tower falls... WATCH OUT. 
Those blocks hurt! 

This tower he built ALL BY HIMSELF. 
No Control Freak Mommy Intervention. 
I was impressed!

I send videos to Adam all the time of him building. 
Because it just seems so grown up to me. 

(also, I've tried for days to post the videos here, 
but because I shot in portrait mode, they refuse to come out right)

So I guess the blocks can stay after all.

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  1. The twins are big time fans of blocks, although thankfully, we don't have any wooden ones. My big issue with wooden toys is that Colby tends to throw them and/or use them as weapons, so the softer, the better!