Monday, March 2, 2015

The Hidden Playroom

I really struggled with titles of this post, 
because everything I thought of reminded me of a back room 
to keep kidnapped children. 
"Hidden playroom." 
"Unseen playroom." 
All sounds like SVU terms. 


Prior to having a child, 
I didn't understand the value of the "playroom." 
We never had a "playroom" growing up. 
I kept my toys in my room, 
mostly to prevent my baby sisters from beheading my precious Barbies. 

Now, I get it. 

As Aaron's toy collection exploded, 
my Overly Organized Self 
began to twitch as the toy mess grew. 
I would pick up Aaron's toys EVERY NIGHT, 
and the more toys there were, 
the longer and longer it took. 

Last fall, 
Adam and I converted our middle basement room 
from a computer/workout/storage room to 
a playroom. 
The archaic desktop computer is still there, 
but everything else is toys. 
It's the perfect room because it has 3 doors to close it off from 
the laundry room, Man Cave, and storage areas. 

I particularly love that its "hidden." 
The fact that it is not part of our 1st/2nd floorplan, 
prevents it from becoming a constant thorn in my eye. 

I remember my mother's rationale of my dad's workshop, 
"If I don't see it, it doesn't bother me." 

Example Here: 

This disaster was compliments of Daddy-Aaron-Day-Home on President's Day 
when the daycare was closed and Big Law Firm had a company holiday. 
I left the mess alone for a FULL 48 hours. 
And when I finally cleaned it up,
I took the opportunity to throw PURGE, 
including throwing toys out, 
and box up other toys for the upcoming JBF Sale.

 If we ever do upgrade our house 
(minimum 2-3 years away), 
we hope to the disgustingly wealthy Main Line, 
where the schools are best in the nation, 
and the houses are old, beautiful, and stone. 
However, old beautiful stone homes do NOT have finished basements. 
On the other hand, old beautiful stone homes DO have 3rd floor "attic" rooms, 
which also makes prime playrooms. 

No matter what house we end up in, 
my goal in the future is to always have a "hide"-able playroom.
And find a name for it that doesn't sound like a kidnapper's lair.

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  1. Our play room is basically the first room that people see when they walk in our house, so you can imagine the anxiety it causes me!