Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Stomach Bug Wins

This weekend was horrible. 
Almost everything about it was a disaster. 

The disasters started off small and then continued to build 
until culminating in one of the worst nights we've had as a family. 

Saturday afternoon I embraced my domestic goddess 
and spent the entire afternoon whipping up healthy muffins 
and St Patrick's Day goodies. 

Normally, when I make recipes from pinterest, 
I have about a 1:1 success/failure ratio. 
This time: 1 ok : 2 failures. 
A devastating ratio for an entire Saturday afternoon. 

First of all, I whipped up this Guinness cheddar dip
I wayyyyy overdid the parsley and it was pretty awful. 
I served it to our visiting friends Saturday night and they were very polite about its overwhelming-ness.  It the end, most of it got tossed. 
I may try it again next year because it was good before I suffocated the flavor in parsley.

I mean, so horrid that I wouldn't even offer them to our friends. 
I let Aaron have a nibble 
(which was not the wisest decisions, given the subsequent events
and even he wasn't interested!
 (but I suspect additional factors in there...

Lastly, I made these strawberry banana muffins which were "meh." 
Aaron loved them but given the events of the evening, 
I began to question whether they were the cause, 
and once I started to question that, 
I couldn't continue to eat them. 

Oh, and then Aaron deleted my Listomni app on my phone, 
(to do lists, grocery lists, gift lists, etc
and the data wasn't backed up. 
:: Ensue mild panic attack ::

But all of these miniature disasters were nothing in compared to the grand finale: 

The Stomach Bug. 
Originally questioned as food poisoning, 
it eventually made its presence quite clear. 

As I said, we had friends over Saturday evening. 
Aaron was happy and playing, 
and excited for company (my little extrovert makes an extrovert mama proud!)
We bring out the failed cheddar dip, 
and he nibbles on some pretzels 
when all of our sudden, horrid projectile vomit

In his 2 years of life, Aaron has vomited 3 times. 
Twice from a sweet potato incident, and once at daycare with a [brief] stomach bug. 

So needless to say, we were in shock. 
But we cleaned him up, and the evening resumed. 

"Ah-ron burped!" he tells us and we laugh. 
"Yes, yes, Aaron burped." 

Then, it happened again

At this point, we were still questioning food poisoning from muffins, 
because he was his normal happy, talkative self. 
Surely he wasn't actually sick!?!?!

Aaron went to bed, 
our friends left, 
and Adam and I settled in for some couch cuddles and TV. 
Then we hear it... the cough. 
We check the video monitor. 
The sheets go dark. 
And we know. 

Nothing was spared. 

Crib sheets, protective mattress cover, blankets, sleepsack, PJs... even Monkey! 

We strip everything down and set him up with new sheets (towel underneath), new PJs, and successfully convince him that Bunny is an acceptable substitute to Monkey. 
We contemplated a full bath but instead
we chose to just run a washcloth on his hair and put him back down. 

At this point, Adam and I made the decision to sleep on the floor. 
We wanted to be in the room in case he vomited again. 
No sooner are we settled on the floor with our blanket and pillows... 
it happens again. 

For the second time, we strip the bed and strip him down. 
At this point, we're out of clean PJs and Aaron is just completely shell shocked. 
He's not saying anything, he just stares blankly around. 

I sit in the rocker while Adam runs Laundry Duty. 
Aaron lies against me totally not moving. 
After about 15 minutes, he asks for water so we give him some pedyalite, 
afraid that all the vomiting has made him dehydrated. 

And then it happens again. 
First the cough. 
I bolt from the chair and before I can even reach the bathroom, 
it's all over me, down my shirt, down my bra. 
It's cold, wet, and slimy. 
I set Aaron in the tub and he points at me: 
"Ah-ron burp on Mommee!" 

This time, Adam gets rocking chair duty and I'm on laundry/clean-up duty. 

It was one of those moments I was so thankful I don't have a weak stomach. 
The smell of vomit does not make me nauseous, 
which is good, because it was in my hair

Apparently, the third time was the charm because soon Aaron recovered from his shell shock and demanded books from Daddy. 

We give him the tiniest bit of pedyalite, 
and then keep him up another 20 minutes to make sure it stays down. 
Finally, Aaron is back to bed and Adam/I are back on the floor. 
I can still smell the vomit in my hair but I am so tired I don't care
I couldn't even tell you what time it was. 

Then around 4am, we wake up to another cough. 
We grab him out of the crib and whisk him to the tub. 
In the end, he dribbles a little on his PJ shirt, 
but there just wasn't much left in his little belly to come up.  

He looks at me from the tub, so confused, so sad. 

Back to the rocker we go, 
and after 10 minutes, he asks for "bed" 
I put him back in bed and he goes right to sleep. 

So do we. 

We all slept till 8am. 
Sunday was a lot of TV watching. 
We watched Lion King, Thomas, Milo & Otis, and more Thomas. 
Aaron had occasional waves of nausea, 
which was so heartbreaking because nausea is the worst 
and we couldn't 't do anything to help him. 
But overall, he kept down the BRAT-diet food we provided, 
and so for that we considered it a success. 

(A bad wave of nausea)

So in the end... 
we survived. 

I'll end on a positive note with this: 

1. I am so thankful that: 
a) Adam was home and 
b) we only had one sick kid. 
I can't imagine handling both cleanup duty AND comforting duty, 
nor could I ever imagine being outnumbered by sick children. 

2. The weekend wasn't a total failure thanks to a few key moments: 
a) good night with friends on Saturday evening
b) Sunday evening, when Aaron was basically recovered, I went for a 6.7 mile run at Valley Forge and, according to my app, it was the third fastest run I've ever done.  Nice!
c) I finally watched Caddyshack with Adam,
so I can check that off the list of "old classics everyone quotes but I don't know"

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  1. Ugh stomach bugs are the worst, and there is nothing more pitiful than a baby (ok, toddler in this case) that's wiped out by one!! Hopefully he is 100% better and all of you can make it through the week without being "burped" on!