Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Got Our Snowday!

As a kid, I was always SO EXCITED for a potential snowday that I'd wake up EXTRA EARLY just to check the news. 
(flashback, that meant watching the schools scroll by on the TV as opposed to now when you can just log onto the schools website!) 

Well, it happened to me again. 
5:30am and I was peeking out the windows. 
It was only an inch at that point, 
but since it was forecasted to keep coming, 
everyone stayed home. 

This kind of snow is my favorite snow. 
Beautiful, light fluffy snow. 
It sticks to the trees. 
And piles high on the patio chairs. 

And if I had a DSLR and some small shred of photography skills, 
I'd have some bangin' awesome pictures. 

We kicked off the morning with a SUPER HYPER Aaron. 
It was as if the words "no daycare" sent him into overdrive. 
Adam and I swapped off work/playtime, 
and when we both had to work, 
we plopped Aaron in front of Frozen, 
also known as "Snowman Movie" 
or "Elsa" 
or "Leh-go" ("Let it go"

I also took advantage of my proximity to the kitchen to whip up Ina Garten's Penne alla Vodka which was one of the first recipes I made when dating Adam, 
and has been one of his top favorites ever since. 

We opted to save playing in the snow for post-nap, 
when we thought we would both be free from work. 
(Spoiler alert: Adam was not free) 
Aaron didn't get down for nap until 2pm, 
and by the time we got outside, the snow was almost 9 inches!

Despite my grand plans of us playing in the snow for hours... 
we lasted all of 10 minutes. 
The snow was too deep and Aaron was not amused. 

 My so-not-amused child.

Eventually, I got a few smiles. 

But really, they were just for grandmas on facebook.

When Aaron informed me he was "hot," we headed in. 
("Hot" is covers all extremes, both hot and cold) 

Aaron's snack of choice was Chobani Key Lime yogurt and pretzels. 
Mine was... slightly different.

Let me just say that hot chocolate with dutch caramel vodka is basically dreamland. 
We busied ourselves for the rest of the evening with a pile of Dr. Seuss, 
many of which were read repeatedly
(Try Fox in Socks with a spiked hot cocoa. It reads much easier!)
  We must have tired Aaron out because he fell fast asleep 0.2 seconds after hitting the crib. 
Overall, it was a good snowday. 
I can say that now because I haven't actually started shoveling. 
Adam is finishing up work, 
and as soon as he comes upstairs, it's out to the snow-buried cars we go! 

Maybe I should make another hot cocoa cocktail in advance... 
I'm sure that'll make me a happier shoveler. 

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  1. So fun!! It got down to 31 degrees here and rained at one point, so basically our days were identical... ;)