Thursday, April 23, 2015

Almost-Impulse-Buys at Target

 We've all been there. 
Or at least, all moms have been there. 
An innocent excursion at Target. 
Browsing through the aisles, 
then suddenly, 
"Oh I MUST have this!  My life would not be complete!

When the largest Target on the east coast opened it's doors 
a mere 1.5 miles from our house, 
you best believe that my Target obsession 
jumped from mild to RED HOT ALERT. 

I'd read on midwestern blogs about these great Target amenities, 
(what is this "free cookie" you speak of?
and awesome home products 
(pretty white interlacing baskets? where?),
but all our local Target inventories were sorely lacking. 
Now, this new Target STILL doesn't have free cookies (?!?!), 
but it does have all the products that I'd been drooling over in other blogs. 

Still on the blog topic...
Some blog somewhere had a post about almost-impulse purchases at Target. 
I would reference it if only I could find it again. 
It totally cracked me. 
The other day, 
while browsing through Target, 
I thought I would snap a few photos of my own 
almost-impulse-but-I-didn't buys. 

Simplehuman 6L Step-to-open Trashcan 
Price: $24.99
Wouldn't this be just perfect for the bathroom? 
Really give it a touch of #class, right? 
It would replace that unsightly OPEN trashcan, 
which was probably a $2 purchase at IKEA. 

That said, do I really need to spend $24.99 on a trashcan
Also, wouldn't I make a great hand model? 

Moving on...

Purple Polka Dot Moleskin Notebook. 
Price: $18.95 

Moleskin notebooks are so soft and smooth, 
and look at how chic the purple polka dots are!

That said, when was the last time I wrote ANYTHING down in a notebook? 
If it's not on my phone, it may as well be written down on toilet paper. 

Character T-shirts for Aaron: 
Batman and Minions 
Price: ~$15.00
These were in my cart right up to the register. 
Kids always need new t-shirts, right? 
And the batman one has a CAPE (!!!). 
However, thanks to our wonderful friends, 
Aaron received more than enough summer shirts for his birthday. 
And really, I'm much more a classic GAP person than cartoon shirts. 
Do I really want to start down the obnoxious cartoon shirts yet? 

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  1. I'll have to remember to document my impulse buys next time I'm at Target (which will probably be tomorrow- ha)! And ditto to the character shirts- I'm holding out as long as I can because I know eventually I'll have no choice!