Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Coprophobia: "The fear of poop" 

Including this very sentence, the word "poop" is used 18 times in this blogpost. 

In my minimal research for potty training, 
I learned that newly potty trained children don't like to poop on the potty, 
especially so for boys. 

In fact, during initial phases of potty training
kids may stop pooping altogether for a few days. 
Therefore, it came as no surprise that our regular-little-Aaron didn't poop from Saturday night to his blowout at daycare on Tuesday. 

Aaron has always had his Pooping Palaces. 

1) Under the dining room table. 

2) In his Thomas ballpit. 

In fact, whenever he's down in the Playroom
and it gets quiet
I'll peek down and see him hiding in his ballpit. 
And shortly thereafter... comes the smell. 

(that is his pooping face, too)

After potty training commenced, 
when Aaron would retreat to his Pooping Palaces, 
we would drag him out and encourage the potty, 
with many promises of M&Ms. 

He was visibly uncomfortable on the potty, 
wiggling, wrangling around. 
And one time he asked for "Mommy hug" which was absolutely adorable. 
But no poop. 

Daycare has reported similar activity. 
He gets "nervous" on the potty during poop times, 
and occasionally whines for "Mommy!" 

As of today, a week and more into potty training, he has yet to poop on the potty. 
He seems to store them up for his overnight diaper, 
and we are greeted in the morning with the fresh scent of "pee-you!" 
Complete with a stinky hand waving motion and a GIANT smile. 

Although every now and then, 
like this weekend, 
he found a daytime solution for pooping. 
on the floor. 
I sent a picture to Adam of the offense, 
and titled it: "Your child." 

(You can thank me for NOT including a picture of the offending incident herein.)

As of now, I'm not really concerned. 
Just like the first pee, 
I think the first poop will be a monumental push in the right direction 
(pun intended). 

Also, when googling "fear of pooping," 
the 5th article down was this gem "Why we fear Poop
published on site called: 
The Power of Poop. 

I was, for a brief moment, terrified to click, 
not knowing what terrible gross fetish I might stumble upon, 
but no, it's actually a good article on fearing poop. 
It's also funny in  a this-isn't-meant-to-be-funny article, 
but rather a its-funny-because-its-a-valid-article-about-poop. 

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  1. So I probably shouldn't have read this while eating breakfast, but you warned me, so it's my own fault! Hope he gets over his fear soon for everyone's sake!!