Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

This was most low-key Easter weekend in all of Loomis/Cole history. 

My parents were on cruise in the Caribbean so no Easter,
 and Adam's parents were at their beach condo in Florida so no Passover
We spent most of the weekend tackling the challenge of potty training
(that delightful saga gets its own post tomorrow). 

Easter morning started with a 5am wake up and cries for mommy. 
Since I had taken the 1am wakeup earlier, 
I sent Adam in to quell this rebellion. 
At 6:30am, I was awaken by a giggling earthquake 
as a 32 lbs happy chubby face bounded into my bed to say 
"Mommy s'eeping!" 
These are the best mornings ever. 

We went downstairs for pancakes 
and then an Easter egg hunt around the living room, 
each filled with M&Ms. 
Unlike last year, there was no blood or marital strife! 

Next up was Easter basket. 
I won't lie that I kind of dropped the ball this year. 
I had some good ideas early and then never expanded. 

But... HOORAY for low toddler expectations!
Aaron demanded multiple readings of Curious George and Naptime with Theo and Beau, which I purchased after being sucked into the mesmerizing IG feed of Momma's Gone City. Plus Hot Wheels, which I've been told by my sister-in-law as the "next step" after Thomas. Oh, and Oreos. 
The Oreos were 25% for Aaron and 75% for Adam. 
(Spoiler alert: regular Oreos are better)

We then headed to church where Aaron had an accident 
(my bad, I should have gone back at 45 min but I totally got caught up in the sermon), 
and a very brief visit to the park, 
and then rush home for more potty time.

For lunch, we celebrated the first grill of the season!
Our Easter menu was cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and Prosecco. 

While Aaron went down for nap, 
Adam and I relaxed with some golf and opened a second bottle of sparkling wine... 
the $7 bottle of Andre. 
Every time I open a crappy bottle of wine or beer, I think of the story where Jesus turned water into wine.  As a non-drinking child, I didn't understand why everyone was amazed that they "saved the best for last."  After all, in my little child brain, isn't it best to save the best for last?  Like dessert?  
Not with alcohol!
And that $7 bottle of Andre tasted perfectly delicious after the Prosecco. 

Post-nap, we celebrated the outstanding weather by playing outside. 
The little boy across from us had friends over, 
and even though they were 6-7 years older than Aaron, 
he loved imitating their play and getting all up in their space. 
I played referee between letting him hang around 
and making sure he didn't actually bother them. 

While Aaron was exploring the area, 
he happened upon a utility box 
and since it said "Bell Communications," 
I told him it was a telephone box. 
He looked at me, look at the box...

"Hello?  Hello?  Hello?" 

Oh the mind of a toddler!

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  1. Looks like an enjoyable low-key Easter to me! And thanks for saving me the calories with the Reese's Oreos... I can never resist the chocolate/PB combo, so I'm glad you kept me from making that mistake!