Thursday, April 9, 2015

Monthly Kid Swap

I wasn't the most active pregnant women, 
and I most certainly overate my weight in "pregnancy cravings," 
but one thing I did get right was religiously attending prenatal yoga. 
There I met Virginia, 
who was several weeks behind me, 
another working mom, 
and lived only a few blocks away! 

 After our boys were born, 
we would get together occasionally, 
moreso for us moms to catch up than for the boys to play. 

Last fall, Virginia came up with a genius idea. 
I was hesitant at first, but oh my was it genius. 

Monthly Kid Swap!

Each month, one family would take turns hosting the other child for a sleepover. 
This allowed the other couple a FREE date night! 
Grandparents are also great for free date nights, 
but Adam's parents fly south to Florida for the winter, 
and my parents seem to prefer the "afternoon visit" rather than the evening babysit. 
We hosted in November and William slept over. 
The boys LOVED IT. 
I mean, loved it. 

Aaron was supposed to sleep over in December but he got sick. Boo! 

In January, Aaron finally made it over for his first sleepover. 
I was nervous. 
But Aaron just LOVED IT. 
In fact, when we went to pick him up and take him home, 
he said: "Bye bye Mama, Dada!" 
Code: "Go away!  I'm having fun!" 


Since then, we've gone back and forth once a month
and the boys have just loved LOVED it. 
Aaron occasionally asks to go to "'Wy-hem's house?" 

It really is genius. 
Now, there's a few factors which make it work. 
1) Trust. 
Obviously, we have to have a certain level of trust with the other family. 
I mean, duh. 
Virginia and I had spent a lot of time together, 
talking about our parenting (we have very similar values), 
and Aaron and William had spent a lot of time together at each other's houses with "playdate" ("mommy dates") so we felt comfortable that it was a familiar setting. 

2) Sleeping completely through the night. 
Nothing would be worse for the hosting parent than having to get up with two children!   (Twin moms laugh hysterically at this statement

Hmm... and I think that's that!


  1. So glad this has worked out so well for y'all! I doubt I could convince anyone to swap since we have 2... and even if they also had 2 and WERE willing to swap, I'm not sure I'm up for the challenge of having 4 overnight, so likely a pipe dream for me :) I'll just stick with the free grandparents for now!

  2. Friends from church, whose kids are roughly the same age as ours, initiated a monthly kid swap with us too. We babysit for them on the first Friday of every month (either at their house or our house) and they take our kids on the third Friday of every month. And about twice a year we do sleepovers and have four kids for twenty-four hours. It's a little nuts but also the best thing ever. Yay "free" babysitting :)