Friday, April 24, 2015


"So" is my grammatical weakness. 

I know effect vs affect, 
then vs than, 
e.g. vs i.e. 
(ok, fine, I just learned the difference in e.g./i.e. recently)

I know all the conjunctive adverbs, 

BUT I STILL start Every. Single. Sentence. with "so."

Public speaking, I'll rarely stutter or use filler words like "uh" 
(thank you, 12th grade Nazi Public Speaking English Teacher
and have been told that I have "outstanding projection." 
I've also been told my multiple MBA colleagues that they "enjoy watching me present" 
(which I consider a HUGE compliment because after watching years and years of MBA presentation, I would rather step on a Lego than sit through another MBA case study presentation). 

But in every day life, 
I will start 90% of my sentences with "so." 

Worse, I start 99% of my written sentences with "so". 

Any recipient of my emails can ALWAYS tell how I proofread an email based on counting the number of "so" sentence starters. 

And, similarly, you can see how I've proofed a blogpost by the number of "so" sentence starters. 

If you made a drinking game out of my "so," 
you'd be wasted in 10 minutes flat. 

It's a problem and I don't know how to fix it. 

I have essentially taken "uh" and turned it into "so." 

You can even SEE it in pictures. 
"Soooo... do you like your faux hawk?" 
(as I take a selfie with Aaron) 

So.... to wrap this up, 
I apologize. 
For all the times I write "so" 
and don't catch it. 

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  1. Soooo... you're saying I should start reviewing your e-mails for excessive "so" usage?