Monday, April 13, 2015

The Masters

This weekend our plans were squashed by Big Law Firm. 
I posted a lengthy diatribe about my compensating plans
Saturday went perfectly according to plan. 
Sunday, nothing went according to plan. 
It wasn't a bad day, just long and tiring. 

6pm on Sunday, 
Adam was able to tear himself away from work 
long enough to watch an hour of Masters coverage with Aaron on his lap. 

I used this opportunity to cook in the kitchen, 
and was serenaded with Aaron's commentary of the Masters. 

It went something like this: 

[Golfer hits ball] 

Aaron: "Good shot!" 

[Ball goes in sand trap] 

Aaron: "Oh no!" 

[Golfer runs fingers through hair and some hair sticks up]

Aaron: "Golfer faux hawk!" 

[Next shot] 

Aaron: "Good shot!" 

It made me smile. 

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  1. Ha I love that! It reminds me of when the twins were watching "Super Why" the other day and Colby kept declaring, "Oh no!" and "Where'd [it] go?" as the episode detailed the hunt for a lost lizard. Aaron's taste is clearly much more mature, though, since he's watching legit adult sports instead of cartoons ;)