Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Quest for Toy Rotation

Weekend highlights: 
* Adam actually being home and available
* an 8.3 mile run 
* a trip to IKEA/Home Depot sans child
* a play date with some friends and their 1-yr-old beautiful little girl 
* A Girl's Night Out in Philly with two of my BFFs 
* attempting (and failing) to make shrimp fried rice 


Adam being home was def the star of the weekend, 
but the mass basement renovation is the star of this post,
and still gives me little butterflies of OCD happiness. 

A few refresher facts before I dive in:

1. We own a very small townhouse, with extremely limited space. 
2. I am always waging a battle between my Inner Packrat and my Inner OCD.
3. I am a FIRM believer in "less is more" when it comes to children's toys. 

On Sunday, Adam was playing golf 
while Aaron was at my parents for some quality grandparent time. 

I had FOUR UNINTERRUPTED HOURS to tackle the basement. 

:: Hallelujah chorus ::

Step 1: Buy new shelving. 
My original intention was to go with IKEA's IVAR, 
but after talking to the associates at the store, 
I realized the IVAR would be a lot more complicated than I was looking for. 

Instead, I meandered over to Home Depot and bought the perfect item at 1/2 the cost. 
Oh, and it took me a grand total of 5 minutes to put together.  No tools required! 

View from playroom into the laundry room:

Step 2: Remove all items from the storage areas. 

This is what it looked like before I took everything out. 
Trust me that it was much more impressive when it was all removed, 
but I was too "in the moment" to think about taking a picture then. 

Step 3

Put away. 

It's not really a "wow" transformation, since we STILL have a pile of baby stuff, 
but at least there is THOUGHT as to the organization of the pile 
and the shelves behind it. 
Wedding memories, paint cans, etc. 
Stuff we don't use on a daily (or yearly) basis. 

Step 4: Select toys for Toy Rotation
This essentially was taking almost every toy that Aaron owns and putting it away. 

That red hamper on the left holds a TON of "miscellaneous" little toys, 
like shape sorters, etc. 
And some of the toys are in the other storage area pictured above. 

The ONLY toys that were left out: 
1. Thomas train table (upstairs)
2. Kitchen set
3. Little People 
4. The ballpit (with all balls removed) 

Already, we've noticed a difference. 
He's spent more time playing with Little People the last few days than he has in the past few months.  He pulls each one out and tells us about each one.
It reinforces everything I've ever read about toy overload. 
And it makes me SOOOO happy.

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  1. We did this sort of by accident when we were moving because we had to pack up a bunch of the twins' toys, and it was amazing how quickly they "forgot" about them and then how excited they were to see them when they saw them again. I'm not motivated enough to put an actual rotation system in place (or find somewhere else to store stuff, but I think it's a great idea!