Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Ugliest Monkey

"Buy them a gift and all they want is the box." 

Little kids are the opposite of materialistic. 

Fancy, expensive toys? 
A piece of lint works just fine. 

For Aaron, we received so many beautiful stuffed animals, 
among my favorites being a super soft Tiger and two adorable Winnie the Poohs. 
 Aaron didn't care about stuffed animal, 
until just after he turned a year old, 
and was given THIS THING as a gift. 

 This is the world's ugliest stuffed animal. 

I call it the "shag carpet monkey" because that's the texture of the fur. 
The shaggyness means that all sorts of grossness, 
like snot, tangles up and crusts over. 
I can wash Monkey over and over but it doesn't help. 

And this is Aaron's BFF stuffed animal. 
He loves Monkey. 

Monkey goes everywhere with us. 
If there's going to be a nap, 
then sleepsack and Monkey are a must. 

But if we ever have another child, 
I'm determined to not make the same mistake! 

No ugly stuffed animals allowed! 
All stuffed animals will be pre-screened by my 
"how hideous is this and can I wash it?" criteria. 

I'd love to have a child who has a Steiff teddy bear. 
I was first introduced to Steiff toys through Annie Dean
and have always loved the idea of a mohair teddy bear.  
But I know, I just KNOW, that if I ever buy an expensive teddy bear, 
the child will NEVER love it. 
Because its expensive. 

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  1. There is an ugly stuffed cat that my mom passed on to me from my childhood shortly before the twins were born, and it has the same shaggy/matted/gross fur/hair. Brian put it in Colby's crib sort of as a joke when they were babies but wouldn't you know Colby took to that thing and thought it was the greatest ever? Thankfully, he has since grown more attached to other, more normal-looking stuffed animals- phew!