Monday, April 20, 2015

What are shorts?

This is a little outdated, 
but I found it in my drafts and had to finish, 
so one day I could look back and laugh. 

After being in long-sleeve, long-pants for 6 months. 
all Aaron's little brain remembers is winter weather clothing

The first day it hit 50s (early March?), 
I wore shorts while running. 
After my 3.5 mile loop, 
I went to daycare to pick Aaron up. 
I walk in, 
and he immediately points to my bare legs and shouts loudly
"Mama naked!" 
 "No, no, these are shorts," I explained. 
"Mama naked!" he insisted. 

Then the next day, when it was supposed to hit a whoppin' high of 62 
I dressed Aaron in a short-sleeve shirt (perhaps overambitious?). 
As soon as he puts his arms through the sleeves, 
he says a very frantic: 
"Oh no!  Oh no!" 
And tries to pull down his sleeves to cover his arms. 
"No, no, Aaron, it's short sleeves!" 
"Oh no! Oh no!" He insists again and again, 
trying in vain to "fix" his broken sleeve. 

All in all, my little nudist may also have Quaker tendencies. Hehe. 

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  1. Ha that is too funny!! My kids probably have the opposite problem wherein they don't understand the concept of hats, gloves, winter accessories, etc. Pretty sure Clara thinks they're just for dress-up.