Friday, April 10, 2015

When Big Law Firm Ruins a Weekend

The Big Law Firm world is a tricky place. 
While it comes with a pretty penny paycheck, 
and the joy of humbly mentioning: 
"My husband is a lawyer in one of the top 10 largest law firms in the US..." 
(Shut up, Emily.
It also comes with a very unpredictable schedule. 

We had a streak of weekends where we thought we thought we were in the clear, 
and then 5:45 on a Friday, Adam got THE CALL. 
Those last-minute calls were pretty crappy. 
But those weekends were only a one-day-ruiner. 
This weekend is different. 
BUT, to be fair, we also had warning. 
On Tuesday, Adam could feel the earthquake tremors. 
Wednesday, as the tremors grew stronger, I rescheduled my hair appointment. 
Yesterday, I canceled our hotel room in the city for our Saturday night out. 

If Adam were home this weekend, 
I know they'd be doing a lot of THIS...

...because the Masters is on.  
And while I would try my bestest to pull father-and-son away from the POISON that is TV (gasp!), I would eventually relent and enjoy the peace, quiet, and flexibility to get done whatever it is that I want to get done. 

But, without Adam, a weekend with... 
I'm not a TV person. 
I'm not a stay-cooped-up-inside person. 
So instead, I must plot: 
"So... what do we DO all weekend?"
Adam's working weekends are my ity bity teeny tiny taste of a SAHM-hood. 
And I respond by packing as much "stuff to do" into our weekend as possible. 
Fortunately, it's supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!!!! 
Like high 60s and sunny. 

Here are my thoughts: 

Drop Adam off at the train station, then go grocery shopping.  
Back home for early lunch and early nap, 
so Aaron can be up early for my coworker's "Luau lunch" that I don't want to miss. 
My other coworker has a 4-yr-old on so hopefully Aaron will have a playmate
...Or he'll just chase the cats around my coworker's house.  
Whatever works. 

After the lunch, we head back home and pack up
for our Monthly Kid Swap night. 
After drop off, I'll drive into the city to celebrate our friend's 30th birthday at Brauhaus Schmitz, which will probably include some college-style pregaming at the hotel with friends.
When Adam is done work (whenever that may be!), 
he'll take a cab over to meet us
and eventually be my DD ride out of the city that night. 

I'm really sad we had to cancel our hotel. 
It was to be one of our first mini "getaways" for us overnight. 
Staying up to all hours with friends, 
sleeping in comfy hotel beds with 1001 pillows, 
and waking up to either room service 
or casually finding a good diner for some amazing hearty food. 
But it just doesn't make sense because Adam will be drinking so little, 
and have to be up, alert, and ready to work the next day. 

Pick up Aaron from his overnight. 
Virginia suggested we have a mommy/son double date at a cafe for breakfast, 
and then maybe if there's time, Aaron and I will head to church 
and try not to have an accident in Sunday school again. 

[blank space?] 
[blank space?]

I need to fill the rest of Sunday with "stuff." 

We can throw some park in there, 
but with no bathrooms at the park, 
and us still being in potty training mode
we can't spend more than an hour at risk of an accident. 

(can you see Aaron? he's that tiny person in red in the middle.)

The zoo could also be an option, 
but I'm not sure how much I trust their bathroom situation 
as in, newly-potty-trained-2-yr-olds don't wait in lines!

I have a few errands to run. 
I need to exchange some of his birthday clothes that are too big, 
so maybe Aaron can enjoy the thrillride of Khols carts again. 

I'm toying with a trip to IKEA to purchase the IVAR storage
to address some of the major clutter in our basement

My DREAM is to develop a storage area like Jen from iHeartOrganizing has in her house: 

(Source of photo - also one of my fav posts she's ever done. 
And yes, I'm such a HUGE organizing nerd.)

Of course, actual ASSEMBLY of said storage could never occur while Aaron is awake, 
and who knows if I could even haul the box out of IKEA with him in tow. 
But I can dream, right?

In other, totally unrelated news, 

it's prom night in our school district, 
and in our little townhouse community, 
there's so many teenagers dressed to the 9s with their tuxs and 
[sometimes slightly skanky] prom dresses. 
It brings me to an "awwwww" as I remember those days!

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  1. Fortunately I do not get ditched by Brian very often, but when I do, I am admittedly a little terrified... the temporary SAHM thing is really hard to do when you haven't built up your stamina to do it! At least for me it is. So I give you props for all of your plans and hope they're panning out as you had hoped. And that tomorrow surprises you with fun activities!