Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It took me an embarrassingly long time to catch onto the #widn hashtag on instagram. 
(And if you're as equally uncool as I am, 
it means 
"What I'm Doing Now" )
...which in my case, 
90% of the time includes eating. 

While sitting in my hotel 
(because business travel succkkksss)
and catching up on the way-too-many blogposts I haven't read while traveling, 
I ran across this cute "taking stock" post by Bridget.

And thought, why not? 
Maybe it'll give me a chuckle in a year. 
Like how Timehop gives me a chuckle every day. 


Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole 
I left this casserole home for the week while I traveled, 
and it has already received rave reviews from my both mother-in-law and child, 
so I call that a raging success.

Yuengling's "Summer Wheat." 
I love a good summer beer and this has all the right taste.

"Michelle Obama: a life" by Peter Slevin 
I preemptively wrote about this last month
and my views haven't changed. 
It's a heavy (and looong!) book, but very insightful.

A juicy burger and salty fries.
PMS cravings, anyone?


1) The Royals -
Shallow, tween-drama, Gossip-Girl-knockoff 
(Renewed for a 2nd season, but I predict it dies shortly after)

Opposite spectrum: serious, conniving, manipulative... I love it. 
My favorite character is the wife (Jenny from Forest Gump). 
She literally takes my breath away. 

Listening to
This songs gives me the chills

My salad obsession has been a spinach & baby kale base, 
with chopped organic strawberries, 
crumbled Gorgonzola, 
toasted walnuts (maple syrup and cinnamon under broiler), 
a tsp or two of real unprocessed honey,  
a splash of balsalmic vinegar, 
and a drizzle of olive oil. 
Heaven in a bowl.

Nixed this category since I developed anxiety about artificial / manmade fragrances after reading "The Honest Life" by Jessica Alba.
Damn, hippies ruining all my fun!

I could be there when Adam snapped this photo of him getting Aaron ready this morning. 
His chubby little cheeks are so in need of my kisses! 

Catching up on all the blogposts out there. 
I particularly loved Amanda's "Rebel Without a Cause" post 
which had me in complete stitches.

This video of Aaron playing mini golf this weekend. 
I watch it over and over and over again. 
"Where'd it go?  Where'd it go?"

For a smooth flight home on Saturday. 
I hate flying and nothing gives me anxiety like turbulence.

To finish epilating my legs. 
But I'm totally chickening out right now. 

Capri yoga pants from fabletics 
Last fall, I tried this once-a-month workout gear line by Kate Hudson. 
I canceled after my first outfit, 
because I found the quality didn't stand up to my standard Under Armour running gear. 
However, as the warm weather rolls in, I've become obsessed with the capri yoga pants. 
I feel like I should invest in a real quality pair, 
since these are starting to fray, 
but in the meantime, I'm living in 'em!

Rosemary Beach as a future vacation spot. 
Meredith posted the most perfect couples-only vacation recap 
and I was literally swooning. 


  1. Boo to lame business travel!! Hope your flight goes well and that you sit next to someone that offers you the perfect travel-free job :) And thanks for the shout-out- glad my stories could provide a bit of a distraction!! Oh, and ditto to the kid-free vacay... gotta get on that STAT!

  2. How nice - thank you! It really was a great low-key vacation! I was afraid my post wouldn't do it justice and I'm so glad it did! I hope you guys can go! And if you do, please reach out and I can give you a few other suggestions I didn't include! :)