Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kid swap and Mother's Day

Our weekend started off with a bang at the Philadelphoa Zoo, 
which I wrote about here
The next day we did errands like Aaron getting a haircut, 
running to the mall, 
and grocery shopping before William came over for our monthly kid swap

Of course, the boys had a blast and played played played PLAYED. 
Ring-around-the-Rosie was a favorite. 

As well as pointing out EVERY overhead airplane 
(benefits to being in the flight path to Philadelphia airport). 

a little Homeward Bound, 
and then bed... 
Which included the boys laughing and giggling for 25 minutes before passing out. 
We went in about 45 minutes later 
and found EVERYTHING tossed out of the crib / pack-n-play: 
blankets, stuffed animals, even William's pacifiers! 
So fair warning to us as parents, we're going to have to watch these two as teenagers because they are going to throw some crazzzzy parties. 

The next morning was nice and chill as they entertained each other very nicely. 

That afternoon, I did one of my favorite things: 
sit on the deck, 
enjoy sunshine, 
read a book, 
and drink an icy cold beverage. 
Oh, and FINALLY finish the Michelle Obama book. 
Man, that's a long book! 

Post nap, my parents hosted us and Adam's parents for Mother's Day. 
And guess what? 

So now I can stop sending in the same photo from Easter 2014 every time daycare asked for a family photo for projects. 

Also... can we talk about how OLD Aaron looks?  
Look at those LONG, LEAN legs.  
I mean, where did my chubby baby with hamhocks go?!?!?! 
It just kills me. 

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  1. He does look really old there! And glad to hear your kid swap worked out again- that really is a great idea!