Friday, May 29, 2015

My One Thing

I've read countless articles about "we can't have it all," 
but I really like how Kelsey at Pardon my French sums it up:

"[...] when we see someone who appears to have it "all together" they chose to put energy into that portrayal that day. For some moms it is working out, making that time to clear their head and feel good about themselves, but I can guarantee that finding that time isn't easy. That they are sacrificing something else to attain it. It's a circus act that no one is able to perform flawlessly."

In the blogsphere, I see so many moms who focus on things like 
creative meals, 

As you can see from my grainy iPhone pictures, 
NONE of these things rank high on my list. 

So what is it that I love?  

I love a clean house. 

So cliche. 
So barefoot-in-the-kitchen-esque. 
So NOT trendy mom. 

But it's true. 
My inner self NEEDS to organize, to sort, and to cleanse. 
And every night, 
when Aaron goes to bed, 
I can throw myself completely into the one task that gives me immense satisfaction. 

My favorite household cleaning (in order): 

1. Putting away clothes / organizing clothes 
I did this to his dresser (with his permission): 

2. Going room-by-room and picking up the "little stuff" that Aaron carries around and dumps wherever he sees fit (bath toys, my hair clips, Little People) 

3. Laundry. 
Weird, I know. 


100. Dishes

Dishes are my least favorite, 
but the kitchen is an equally important place for me so I can't let it go. 

Sometimes I wonder if this will change. 
Moms of 3+ kids often say the first thing they let go is a clean house. 
Will that happen to me someday? 
I don't know. 
I guess you'll just have to stick around another 10 years or so to find out. 

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  1. I'm so with you on this! A tidy house/space makes my heart happy. I do not, however, like actual cleaning as much as I do organizing, but I'm too stubborn to get a housekeeper. Woe is me.