Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Less Upside

Don't worry, 
I'll pump out a cliche Memorial Day recap post sometime this week. 
In the meantime, I'm issuing a State of the Art Whining Post. 

Being a Big Law Firm Corporate Lawyer has a lot of downsides. 
Getting home at 1am. 
Last-second ruined weekends. 
Being on call every second. 
Yada yada. 

But there are a few upsides: 
Good money 
No travel 

Not to be confused, 
Big Law Firm Litigation Lawyers have to travel every second. 
As do a few other niche groups. 
But Corporate generally can negotiate mergers, acquisitions, and whatnot
from the comfort of their offices.

Well, as of this week, we lost one upside: 
Good money 
No travel

When Adam received the last-second-before-vacation call that he had to be on site this week, 
I was all: 
 "Um?  What?  You TRAVEL?   
I'M the parent who travels!

This is a twofold curse: 

1) I do not sleeping at night
2) I am also in charge of morning routine

Adam is the morning routine parent. 
He gets Aaron settled with breakfast, 
 cleaned up, 
socks and shoes on, 
nebulizer during Thomas, 
out the door, 
daycare dropoff. 
Yada yada yada. 

I've whined about this before, I'm sure. 
And this won't be the last. 

Whining over.

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  1. Ugh I would totally be whining, too! I hope the week flies by for you... I had to handle the twins solo this afternoon since daycare was closed and I almost didn't survive the 4+ hours, even though the twins were sleeping for 2+ of them. Eek.