Monday, May 4, 2015

Parties, Races, and Tantrums

This past weekend was hardly a weekend. 
For one, I flew in from my business trip on Saturday morning. 
Adam and Aaron drove down to pick me up at the airport, 
and nothing says "Welcome home, Mommy!
like Aaron puking in his car seat. 
He'd been fighting a rough cold all week and the coughing fit lead to the puke. 
But having been away from my baby for so long, 
it didn't phase me at all. 
He still got a thousand kisses all over his pukey face. 

Saturday afternoon we went to a Derby/Fight party. 
We stayed for the Derby, but not the Fight. 
Aaron was such a little Extrovert, 
interacting with other kids 
and other parents alike. 
ZERO Stranger Danger. 
(Which I'm ok with until the white windowless van pulls up...)
He was especially pleased to sport a Derby-appropriate hat. 

We should have left prior to the Derby, 
but we didn't. 
And Aaron had a total-complete-exhausted-child meltdown. 
I guess we deserved it. 
I have to say that I've developed a certain sense of pride that my child rarely melts down in public, 
but a party meltdown is pretty close to Ultimate Mom Humiliation. 

On top of that, 
I had exactly zero to drink since I was running the next day. 
Nothing sucks like turning down delicious mint juleps.  

The next morning I picked up our friend Tim and headed into Philly for the 10-mile Broad Street Run. 
To say that Broad Street is popular is an understatement. 
It's an enormous run. 
In 2012, it had 40 THOUSAND runners. 
This ain't your backyard 5K. 

I'd been training this January but fell horribly short of my goal of 1 hr 45 min. 
I just didn't have a good run that day. 
It wasn't my worst (that was last year), 
but it was my second worst finishing at only 1 hr 55 minutes. 

It was my 5th time running, 
and I always appreciate the enthusiasm from the city of Philadelphia. 

Some of my top favorite signs this year: 

(held up by a VERY attractive young man)

(held up by someone's mom)

There were others but I couldn't remember them all. 

Adam didn't bring down Aaron 
(it's a total madhouse) 
but a friend's mom made a BRIGHT PINK sign for me which was extra fun to look for. 
The cheers aren't nearly as important as the distraction. 

The rest of the day was spent with cool crisp wine and beer, 
grilling on the grill, 
and chilling out. 
I think I should add another day to my weekend. 

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  1. Props to you on the run and glad you had at least one mellow day with your boys on the shortened weekend!

    Also, totally dreamed that you and Adam came to Houston (specifically to a shopping center around the corner from our house) and you didn't tell me, but then we ran into you at one of the stores and you acted like that was your plan (us running into each other) the whole time. Then my high school soccer team got involved and the whole thing got strange, as dreams usually do! Fun times.