Monday, May 11, 2015

Philadelphia Zoo

Last Friday, Adam's Law Firm rented out the Philadelphia Zoo for a night out for the law firm's employees and families. 

Adam and I have spent 8 years working in Corporate America, 
but this by far was the BEST corporate event we had ever been to. 

The Philadelphia zoo is awesome. 
It's an incredibly cool experience for BOTH little kids and adults 
(I was definitely psyched to go again)  
Because of its attraction, 
the zoo is generally MOBBED, 
so to have it ALL TO OURSELVES was incredible. 
Sometimes we were the only people looking at an exhibit. 
At most there was a single other family. 

All of the concession stands were open for free, 
and we had our choice of popcorn, 
Philadelphia pretzels, burgers, chicken tenders, 
French fries, pizza, cheesesteaks, paninis, ice cream, 
fresh-squeezed lemonade, and more! 

Oh, and did I mention free beer and wine? 
It wasn't top shelf wine by any means, 
but the super-sweet white still tasted great in the "summer heat" 
(even though it's only spring, the humidity is full summer). 

Aaron loved it 
(and expressed his love by having ZERO meltdowns... YAYYYY). 
All of Aaron's coworkers fawned over him 
and he loved running around like a crazy man, 
always asking for "mo' animals?" 
And of course he stuffed his face full of food. 
We all did. 

We didn't leave the zoo till 8 and Aaron wasn't in bed till 9. 
He passed right out and slept till 8am the next morning. 

Again, Adam and I have both been to a slew of corporate-sponsored Christmas parties, happy hours, weekends, amusement park days, etc., but this by far was the best. 
Can't wait till next year! 

Fun fact: The lion couple had 4 cubs. 
The zoo can keep all 4 cubs for now, 
BUT they have to keep the babies from mating with their dad  (?!)
so the zoo keepers are giving them birth control shots. 
Summary: Birth control for lions to prevent incest babies. 

(Peacocks roam free at the zoo.)

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  1. I am totally jealous but totally glad y'all got to experience this- maybe this perk makes up for some of Adam's absenteeism on the weekends?? Maybe? Ok not so much, but it's a nice effort!