Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Potty Training Update

It's been over a month,
 so I figured I'd document our progress (or lack thereof in certain areas). 

I wrote about our 3-day potty training method weekend here

Since then... 
- he still wears diapers for nap/bedtime 
- he still gets a single M&M every successful pee
- he still hasn't popped in the potty 

At this point, we have very few "uh oh" accidents. 
The much more common problem is aiming. 
At home, our potty seats have a splash guard. 
At daycare, their mini potties don't 
so almost daily we have a change of shorts or underwear 
because of "missing" on the potty. 
People have suggested teaching him to stand, 
but I admit I'm even more intimidated by that. 

Aaron doesn't very often tell us that he has to go, 
but he usually holds it till I ask (or daycare asks). 
As for pooping... No idea. 
Everyone I ask (daycare, coworkers, parents) all sigh and say "it takes time." 
At the point, his poops are primarily at night in the diaper 
or afternoon at daycare. 
I've wondered if putting underwear on him at night would help, 
but he's still in a crib so he can't get up to pee by himself. 

We've also been able to use pull-ups for special situations, 
without regression issues. 
When Adam's law firm rented out the zoo
I wasn't going to risk it sitting in an hour of traffic then navigate zoo bathrooms. 
I put pull-ups on him after daycare through bedtime 
and then the next day we were back in underwear no issue. 

Aaron really hates peeing in public bathrooms, 
so we've given up taking him on errands.
Instead, we go right before we leave the house 
and immediately when we return. 
We've had zero accidents. 
We still keep a piddle pad in each car seat, just for peace of mind.

For our monthly kid swap or grandparent overnight, 
we bring our bjorn potty seat and he does pretty well. 
Every now and then an accident with new surroundings, 
but not bad. 
However, the trickiest are when we go to a party at friends' houses. 
We bring the travel potty seat which Aaron does not like because it's not nearly as sturdy. 
At the Derby party, it took THREE trips to the bathroom before he finally went. 
Persistence won!

At this point, I'm soooooooooooo glad we did it. 
Yes, the lack of potty pooping is frustrating, but it really hasn't been much of an issue. 
I don't miss diapers. 
I love him in underwear. 
I feel really good that we got this big obstacle out of the way so we can focus on other things like...
... Using forks? 
(At 2+ years old, we are still a finger-foods child... even when its not finger foods!)

Also, can we talk about how underwear makes a great substitute for swim diapers? 

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  1. So glad it's going well! We just got some little potties for the twins to try out this past week and couldn't convince Clara to sit on it at all... until she saw Colby do it last night and of course now she's all about it. Peer pressure for the win!