Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Lake: Expectations vs Reality

Memorial Day weekend was spent at the Lake house. 

Adam's family owns a cottage in the Finger Lakes of NY 
(otherwise known as NY's wine country). 
The cottage was build by hand by his grandfather. 
Adam spent summers there as a kid, 
and has incredibly fond memories of the place. 

When we were dating, he was so excited to show me the lake. 
He talked it up and down with the enthusiasm of a toddler and a piece of candy. 

We're talking 12-15 people in a 3-bedroom, 1-bath cottage. 
It was just not for me. 
I may be a grade A Extrovert but even that was a bit much. 

But we kept going, 
and gradually it grew on me. 
Bit by bit. 
The wine helped... a little. Hehe. 

Enter Aaron. 
Suddenly, the lake became something I looked forward to
Not only was it new surroundings for my curious baby to stare at, 
but it was a whole army of constant babysitters to hold him. 

This weekend I was particularly excited because it was the first time Aaron would be up there with his cousin Ryan.  
It was also the first time we were going with an extremely active, independent toddler.  

I set the bar too high. 

Expectation #1: This:  

I expected to kick back, relax, and let the kids run around and play. 
I love to soak up the sun, glass of chilled white wine in hand, and a cheese plate nearby. 
It's basically bliss.  

Reality: Relax?  BAHAHAHA!

While it was possible to sit and kick back in the yard
while the boys dug in the dirt: 

That was NOT possible down at the dock (my favorite place), 
because just over that railing-less-side are a dozen super-sharp large rocks just waiting for some toddler to bash their head against it. 

My question: why not put up a railing??? 
Apparently that's not what you do on docks. Humph. 

Expectation #2: Late nights by the campfire or inside playing games 

Another part of the lake I always enjoyed
 (even in my early disgruntled days) 
were the late evenings. 
When everyone was mellow from day-drinking and sun, 
sitting around the campfire. 
Or, alternatively, playing games to all hours 
(this family taught me to love dominos)

Reality: Kids wake up at 6am NO MATTER WHAT 

This one needs no explaining. 
It just happens. 
The first night we stayed up till midnight. 
The second night till 10pm. 
The last night we crashed at 9pm. 

Expectation #3: Miserable Car Ride 

The 4.5-hour car ride is no picnic. 
I was dreading it. 
There isn't a parent alive who goes: 
"Oh I can't WAIT to sit in the car with my toddler!!!!"

Reality: Surprisingly Not Bad 

Two very important aids to our sanity: 

1. Benadryl
  Aaron is still rear-facing and starting to get car sick from extensive backwards motion. 
Rather than turning him around and taking a gamble on his neck snapping with an 80 mph highway crash, I opted instead to give him a 1/2 tsp benadryl.  It didn't have the sleepy effects I was hoping for (damn!), but it cured the car sickness just fine. 

2. This free fake iPad I got from Pampers Rewards

I thought it was like a cheap piece of crap, 
but this fake iPad was the highlight of the trip.  
It's annoying as hell but I would happily take 30 renditions of the musical "twinkle twinkle little star" over the blood-curdling screams of a miserable child. 

In summary, I guess what I have now is a more realistic vision of the lake, 
so hopefully I'll go up for July 4th and Labor Day with much better expectations. 

In the meantime, a few other picture dumps: 

On the dock with Pop Pop: 

Picture while we are restocking at the winery: 

Mom Mom, Daddy, Aaron, and Uncle Jason chilling on the dock. 

Pop Pop and Daddy fixing the sandbox 
(a classic from Adam's childhood days) 
and Aaron "helping" by banging a croquet stick against the wood. 

And our sense of humor knows no bounds...

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  1. Ain't that the truth that expectations always vastly exceed reality when toddlers are involved. Also, I'll have to check out the fake ipad for the twinkies!