Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Things that do not suck about business travel

I title this "things that don't suck about business travel." 

A normal person would use words like 
or "positives" 
or even "silver linings" of business travel, 
But to me that implies there is actually something to look forward to with business travel. 
I never look forward to business travel.  
Being away from my chubby little man
is just soul crushing. 
He knows mommy is gone on "airplane" 
and whenever an airplane flies by, 
he points up at the sky and says: "Mommy airplane!" 
(I die a little inside when I read these texts.)

And while I hate 99% of business travel, 
there is a very slim amount that doesn't TOTALLY suck: 

1. Going to bed early. 
No dishes to wash or laundry to fold. 
Just snuggle in bed and I'm out. 

2. All the pillows I want. 
I love being surrounded by big pillows. 
When I'm at a hotel, 
I ALWAYD request more pillows. 
And end up with an average of 6-8 pillows around me all night. Ahhh

3. Trying Food and / or Expensive Food
 Although sometimes I get sucked into the void of unhealthy fast food, 
I try to take advantage of my expense account and do things like 
A) order sides/entrees I never would just to try something new 
(and who care if I hate it and have to order again because it's not my money) 
B)  stop at the grocery store and buy a $10 box of organic raspberries and call it breakfast. Mmmhmm. 

4. Trying new cars. 
I've lived in a Honda world (Honda Accord, Honda CRV, Acura TSX, etc)
Business travel has given me the best test drives. 
So far, I hate Hyundai (sorry). 
I'm so-so about Chevy (sorry). 
And I LOVVVEE the Nissan Rogue that I drove this past trip. 

Do these things makeup for business travel? 
But at least they don't suck. 

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  1. I have only had to travel maybe two times for work since the twins were born but I most definitely appreciated some of the items on this list and more! Glad you were able to find some things that didn't suck :)