Thursday, June 11, 2015

A few of my favorite things

My favorite posts are always about kid quirks. 
They always always always make me smile. 
And after reading Camp Patton's latest
I knew I was due for another with Aaron. 
I guess these aren't so much "quirks" but just fun little moments I want to remember.

First up... 

I'm sure every little boy has some phase of cross-dressing, 
(obviously, some adult men do, too, and that's OK too, 
but for now we're focusing on the toddler section of this...)

When his sweater got wet, daycare gave him a yellow jacket with flowers, 
and he refused to take it off all night. 

He also loves to wear my apron, 
and gets very anxious when I try to wear it myself. 

Aside from the apron, he also insists on wearing
 (a) my yellow gloves for dishwashing and
 (b) his snowboots.

He also clutches our Blender Bottles like they are gold.

And likes to camp out under the step stool when I'm cooking. 

On a longer story note... 
Aaron was sick this week and during my day home with him, 
we went to the library and the beer distributor 
(education & alcohol - story of my life)
We've gone to this beer distributor for years, 
but this was the first time I found out they have FREE dum-dum lollipops for kids at checkout. 
(Genius, I tell you.  "Hey, dad, can we go to lollipop store?!")  
Upon returning home with his precious, 
he has kept said lollipop on a designated plate in the kitchen for at least 24 hours. 
Where he continually goes to take a 'hit' of his lollipop, 
and then return to his other activities.

This photo also illustrates one of the other quirks he's developed: 
beverage container variety. 
First of all, "water" is one of 2 words he still pronounces the "Aaron way" 
Water = 'Ya' 
(the other is 'Thomas' = 'Nana') 
In order: 
"Monkey ya" 
"Mickey ya" 
"Minion ya" 
Each water cup must be available at all times. 

Adam once downloaded this pointless app call "Peek-a-boo Barn,' 
which is Aaron's LEAST favorite iPad app. 
However, he now calls the iPad "peek-a-boo barn." 
As in: 
"Aaron play wit' peek-a-boo barn?"
"Aaron watch 'Shake Off' on peek-a-boo barn?"

Speaking of Shake Off, 
while thumbing through a magazine at the pediatrician's office, 
he correctly identified Taylor Swift as "Shake Off"

And that's it for today's collection!

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  1. Ha, I love all of these! Toddlers are such funny (and strange) little creatures! Also, what are some of the apps Aaron actually does like? The twins really haven't used the ipad but I'm thinking it will be useful on upcoming road trips, so I need some ideas!