Friday, June 26, 2015

Almost-Impulse-Buys at Target - Part II

I had time to kill between work and daycare pickup for a playdate, 
so I spent it browsing the Mommy Mecca. 

 I escaped with only a $7 bill, 
(an unbeatable record low)

My actual purchases included 
a red, white, & blue striped shirt for Aaron's 4th of July ($4), 
a travel-sized body wash ($1.50), 
and a box of plastic forks for my desk drawers ($1.50) 
(because I'm too lazy to walk across campus to the cafeteria)

There should be awards given to customers 
who can get keep their Target bill under $10.  

The below are the list of items I did NOT purchase, 
but wanted to document as my 
Almost-impulse-buys at Target - Part II 
(Part I is here)

1. Batman shirt. 

I am not a fan of character or bold print tees. 
However, Adam loves Batman 
and Monkey See, Monkey Do, 
so Aaron is THRILLED to point out Batman every time he sees the logo. 

2. Little People Disney Princess. 

I've confessed my love of Little People collecting beforehand
so add in my love for Disney 
and I'm all like: 
 Although I don't need to spend $19.59 for my own Little People princesses. 
Get a grip, Mom. 

3. Decorative Wire Baskets 


I want a wire basket by the backdoor to store Aaron's outdoor play toys.
Realistically though, something plastic would probably work best, 
but I just like the appearance of wire baskets. 

4. Thank You Cards 

Call me old-fashioned, 
but I love sending hand-written thank you notes. 
I also love beautiful foil note cards, 
and these cheap ones remind me of the Kate Spade note cards
that I want SO BADLY. 

5. More Gift Wrap 

Oh looky looky!  
It's gray with pink and silver hearts! 
If only I had a baby shower or bridal shower to attend as justification! 

 6. Iced Sugar Cookies 

I'm going to confess that these are my second favorite dessert of ALL TIME 
(Oreos always win #1)
I don't care that they are over-processed, chemically-manufactured cookies. 
They are awesome. 
AWESOME, I tell you. 
Every single holiday, I want them. 
Pink for Valentine's Day 
Green for St. Patrick's Day 
Orange for Halloween. 
 I always hope someone brings them into the office, 
but lucky for my waistline, 
no one ever does. 
The last time I was left alone with a container of these... 
let's just say the container didn't survive.  

And that concludes this weeks' Target browsing. 
I saved myself $52.85 
and about 2,000 calories.

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  1. Mmm now I want cookies. Does your Target ever have cookie samples out? Because ours does, and many times those samples include these bad boys!