Sunday, June 28, 2015

Goodbye, Grandma

Friday night, my grandma went to heaven. 
She would have been 90 this August. 

Grandma holding a pic of when she was 21

Grandma's health had been failing for years, 
and a while ago, she told us: 
"Don't pray that I get better. Just pray that I'm comfortable." 

We had several "oh no this is it" scares over the past month, 
so it wasn't really a shock. 
In fact, I was kind of like: "Oh ok, well, time to rearrange plans next week." 

But over time, the news sunk in a little more. 
And it's really the random memories that make me cry. 

I get choked up when I thought of how she always made me 
frozen boxed chicken cordon bleu, with a bearnaise sauce, and buttery cooked carrots. 
It was such a Grandma meal. 
She wasn't a world class cook, 
but she had a few specialties (like her lasagna!) 
and she made sure to know what each of her 11 grandchildren liked. 
So if you see me crying in the freezer aisle at the grocery store, 
that's why. 

Another thing I thought about was death and social media. 
There are some people, often labeled "classic oversharers", 
because we need to share to feel. 
I'm so one of those people. 

Adam, on the other hand, is so NOT one of those people. 
When we first were married, he complained that
 "everything doesn't have to be broadcasted." 
Adam hates attention and is generally a very private person. 
For him, mourning on facebook is just stupid. 

I thought long and hard before posting my little memory of Grandma Woodward on facebook, 
and finally I decided to do so, 
because Grandma was the kind of person who loved attention. 
She was a social person, who would make friends wherever she went. 
She loved when people doted on her. 
I bet if Grandma had been raised in the social media age, 
she would be all over facebook, IG, and snapchat. 
She'd probably be cooler than me, too. 

She told me this story of her college days: 
"Your granddad and I would go out together.  But he would go home to his parent's farm on the weekends, and I would get bored and go out with other men, so he finally stopped going home on the weekends." 

Well, then, Grandma!

(Grandma with Aaron, her only great-grandson)

One of the many amazing traits about my Grandma, 
was her ability to be so positive and joyful about life, 
even when she had experienced heart-shattering loss. 
She and my Granddad had four children. 
The oldest, my Aunt Karen, died in a car accident in her teens. 
Their third child, my Mommy Cheryl, died of breast cancer at 29. 
To lose two children and STILL go through life with such joy? 
I can't even imagine. 

And that's another reason why I'm sure she was ready to go home to heaven. 
Not only would she be reunited with my Granddad, 
but also with two of her children! 
Now THAT is a happy reunion! 

(And now I'm bawling again)

Until we see you again, Grandma...

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  1. So sorry to hear this, but yes, so thankful she is no longer suffering and gets to hug her long lost husband and children! And how wonderful that she got to meet Aaron!