Thursday, June 4, 2015

On My Mind

As I sit in my office throughout the day, 
I find my mind wanders over and around various parts of life, 
and in their total state of randomness, 
I thought I would share. 

1. I'm hungry. All. The. Time.
I have weaseled my way into a size 4 again, 
and intend to keep it that way. 
But as summer activities come and go, 
I find myself gaining weight on the weekends 
and then spending all week fighting to lose it again. 
Memorial Day alone I came back with a 4 lbs excess. 

2. Weather sucks. 
After a sunny, dry spring, 
the rains have come. 
It is perpetually raining and "cold" (mid-60s). 
I don't necessarily mind the cold because running in 90 degrees sucks, 
and even though we NEED the rain, I hate it because I won't run. 

Food - Weather - Controversial topic. 
I'm not entirely sure why my mind keeps drifting over to this topic. 
Is it because he/she looks significantly hotter than I do and that annoys me? 
My facebook feed has blown up like election time. 
And while I see a lot of hate articles, 
I really liked one that my 18-year-old sister shared here
It all starts with LOVE
 If in 40+ years, Aaron decides he wants to being an "Alyssa", 
I want to respond with love. 

(now back to lighter topics)

4. Aaron's love of HGTV 
Let me preface this with we NEVER EVER watch HGTV. 
I find the "drama" too scripted. 
But when a girl from college announced she'd be on House Hunters, 
of course we had to watch it. 
The next morning, when Adam turned on TV for Thomas
(part of morning routine), 
the TV was tuned to HGTV from the night before and he exclaimed: 
"Watch 'dis one!  Watch house show!" 
So Adam watched an HGTV show. 
And since then Aaron has requested "House show" 
And every commercial, 
he turns to us asking: 
"More house?" 
Clearly this child has been raised on DVR.

5. The other day, by our front door, 
there was a spider sucking the blood out of a moth
And I can't un-see that image. 
(So I will share it with you) 
What you can't see is that the moth was still alive, 
and shaking. 

6. Last week I fell while running. 
Since then, my knee has scabbed over and ITCHES LIKE CRAZY
Every morning I put on 2 bandaids just so I won't mindlessly itch it by accident. 

7. Aaron won't poop on the potty. 
He pooped on the potty once at the lake. 
And we gave him a cookie, and I thought we were good!
Since then, nothing
We've held the price flat at one cookie, 
but pretty soon I'm increasing that to an ENTIRE CAKE. 
(And yes, he watches Taylor Swift on the potty) 


8. Work sucks.
I have an enormous project due next week 
and it's consuming ALL of my time. 
Super high visibility too which makes the pressure worse. 
It's stressing me out and I just want it DONE. 

9. I made this pork tenderloin recipe, 
except I upped the deliciousness by studding it with garlic, 
and its probably the best meat dish I've made in my life. 

10. StitchFix has an entire board on Polka Dots 
and I'm in heaven. 
I hope my next fix (in July) is full of polka dots!

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  1. 1. As I mentioned, I can totally relate. I ate cake not just once, but twice yesterday, and then was disappointed in the scale this morning as if it wasn't my fault.
    3. I'm getting tired of hearing about it but I do want to read that article!
    8. Boo to work sucking!