Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Fun Parent

While I was traveling for business
my mom called me up to tell me that Aaron, unprompted, exclaimed: 
"Mommy fun!" 
He had never associated 'fun' with a person or object beforehand, 
so this two-word sentence was a pretty impressive move 
(oh how easily impressed we are as parents)

Growing up, 
my dad was the fun parent. 
He was always making up games and stories and all sorts of interesting things. 
Everything was fun: 
car trips, 
even camping (I hate camping). 

My mom once or twice has mentioned how she "failed" to be fun, 
and while I think the word "fail" is a bit harsh for something as subjective as "fun," 
I can definitely agree that, of the two, she was not the fun parent. 

I'm much more like my mom: 
master of the to do list. 
I am not naturally the "fun" parent. 

Knowing this, I try really hard to choose the fun route, 
which 95% of the time means sacrificing productivity. 
Or efficiency. 
Or some other highly coveted virtue that I live my life by. 

Here are a small collection of things I would not naturally think to do, 
so I am giving myself a big fat shiny gold star for doing so.

And yes, there are moms where all this comes naturally. 
These are the same moms who shine all over pinterest 
and while I outwardly hate them, 
I secretly want to be them. 

Dining Al Fresco 

While you could argue it's less clean-up, 
it's also twice as inefficient. 
Moving the booster, 
bringing everything outside, 
the kitchen is further away, 
That said, I can remember exactly ZERO times I dined outside as a kid, 
but I think I would have found it very fun. 

Popsicle Messes 

Do you know the laundry implications of a Popsicle mess? 
I have to soak the clothes overnight, 
and then check every one before the dryer 
to make sure that neon red dye 
(all natural! who are they kidding?
doesn't set. 
That's TWO MORE additional steps in my laundry routine. 
Efficiency stats are plummeting. 

After-Daycare Fieldtrips 

The efficient person that I am wants to go straight home and start tackling the evening. 
There's cars to be unpacked, lunches to make, dinners to heat, etc. etc. 
But every day after daycare, 
Aaron begs for (in order): 
Pet store? 

And aside from the dangers of my Target splurges
what really is the harm in a little detour? 
Besides delaying my productivity. 


Not necessarily part of my OCD personality, 
moreso part of my "I have female parts" personality. 

My first reaction is "ew ew ew ew" 
but what REALLY is the harm? 
Yes, they are so gross. 
But they are also fun for little boys. 
And - so I was told - I use to play with the worms in our neighbors' garden. 

And that's it. 
My list of fun. 
As you can see, it's a bit short. 
But that doesn't stop me from self-congratulatory praise. 

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  1. Way to be fun, mom! Can I count the fact that I feed my children in general as being fun? Because that definitely sacrifices cleanliness...