Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 2: Something I look forward to

Week 2 in my 30 Week Writing Challenge

Something I look forward to in the next 12 months 

This September,
Adam and I will be taking our first mini-vacation by ourselves since Aaron was born. 
We've done many a single nights away, 
thanks to both grandparents 
and our Monthly Kid Swap
but we've never done a whole weekend. 

Of course, my dream would be a mini-vacation here: 

(our honeymoon at Sandals in St Lucia)

But instead we'll be channeling our inner college student 
and reliving the memories here: 

That picture was taken at Penn State in 2008. 
It was our first weekend trip to Penn State together as a couple. 

Adam went to Penn State for undergrad, 
and I spent the majority of my undergrad visiting my college boyfriend there on weekends. 

For all we know, 
Adam and I could have been at the same bar, 
same time, 
but never met. 

In 2008, Adam and I went for the first time as a couple, 
and had a GREAT time. 
We continued to go up once a year for football games 
until I got pregnant and then we haven't been back since. 

Aaron will be spending one night at each grandparents' house, 
and I am totally confident he'll have an absolute blast. 

I'll probably bawl at least once about how much I miss him and his cheeks, 
but we'll see!


  1. Fun!! Brian and I definitely need to plan a kid-free getaway but I keep allowing the logistics of it to stress me out too much to do anything.

    Also, I really think Aaron is the perfect mix between the two of you- I see both of you in him!

  2. You will simultaneously enjoy your time away and miss him like crazy. He, on the other hand, will probably be fine and not even be excited when you come back. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything :)

    Enjoy your weekend away, when it finally arrives!