Friday, June 19, 2015

WIDN - June

My faithful readers (lol) may notice that my non-stop babbling has slowed slightly.
  Work has been pretty easy-going for Adam, 
and I'm not complaining in the LEAST. 

But in the spirit of keeping up the babble, 
I wanted to pump out another pointless WIDN

A lot of bell pepper recipes. 
I've been waiting for months for bell peppers to come back in season
and it's finally here! 

A week ago I made these stuffed peppers
which are to die for. 
I don't pre-cook the meat and instead let them cook for 8 hours on low. 

This week I am making Drunken Noodles

With summer here, 
I'm all about chilled white wine. 
Since our stock-up in the Finger Lakes over Memorial Day
we've been drinking Dry Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, 

Digital Fortress 
by Dan Brown. 

I like this book for flipping between three different story lines pretty seamlessly, 
and the fairly short chapters that keep my interest despite the heavy content. 
Also, I was completely shocked by the plot twist, 
(which I love, as opposed to books like We Were Liars where I called the plot twist immediately)

Wanting Craving:

Quincy's Lobster Rolls 
At $11.95/each, they are NOT a cheap lunch, 
and throw in $7.95 lobster bisque soup and suddenly lunch is $20 + tax. 
I HATE lobster salad 
(I hate any kind of potlock-style salad), 
but these sandwiches are not lobster salad. 
Oh no. 
They are full of tender lump lobster meat, 
no fillers aside from butter and a dash of seasoning. 
And I'm pretty sure I just drooled on my keyboard...


Flip or Flop on HGTV 
It's our first HGTV show we've ever watched, 
and we are totally obsessed. 
We have had a House of Cards Netflix for over two weeks, 
but we just can't pull ourselves away from scripted house drama. 

Listening to

I need help here. 
I'm in a running playlist rut. 
While I'm loving recent songs like 
Dear Future Husband (Megan Trainer) 
and Bad Blood (Taylor Swift), 
neither of these inspire me to pick up my pace while running. 
Instead, I'm recycling my tween punk phase with "classics" like 
Blink 182's "All the Small Things" (year: 1999)
and the entire Eve 6 Horroscope album (year: 2000)
(my first ever behind-my-parents-back CD purchase)


Um... everything?
See below under "Needing..."


Sunscreen everywhere. 
Despite my attempts to ban it from the house, 
Adam insists on aerosol sunscreen and omg, 
that smell penetrates everywhere. 

We could go back to this...

(North Wildwood, NJ 
... which, for the record, is nothing like the Jersey Show TV show)


Work is quiet again. 
And I love it. 
I had an enormous project due before we went on vacation, 
and now that it's submitted and done, 
I can breathe a great big sigh of relief. 


That we finally got a FABULOUS family photo. 
I mean, seriously, all three of us smiling at once? 

Think I could photoshop on santa hats and use it for our Christmas card?


That work can get their AC act together. 
We move into our new state-of-the-art headquarters in September, 
and our current HQs will be sold and demolished, 
so Upper Management is not interested in pouring money into the HVAC system with only a few months left to go. 
So they've installed portal AC units that in no way are compensating for the hot humid weather we are having. 
My office registered at 80 today. 


To stop this summer weight gain. 
I got down to a size 4 again 
and now I'm struggling to keep it!


Banana Republic cropped white chinos
These things go with everything in my summer wardrobe, 
and I just love them with my favorite pair of wedges


These creamy leather metallic flip flops
I love a classic low-key flip flop, 
especially with a hint of metallic because it goes with anything. 
Camp Patton wrote about these in her hospital bag post 
and I've been drooling over them ever since.

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  1. I've actually been looking for some new neutral/functional/cute flip flops because my rainbows are pretty worn out, so thanks for the tip!

    When I run, I usually just use the Pandora power hip hop/pop station. I've listened to it enough and liked/disliked enough songs to where it's mostly songs I enjoy at this point. I will say that Coldplay "Viva La Vida" has a good beat, and I also like most Maroon 5 songs for workout background music. And this is random, but I like all of the United States of Pop mash-ups that DJ Earworm does annually because they have a good beat to run to as well :)

    I also need to stop my summer weight gain but thankfully it's just 2-4 pounds and therefore not impacting what size I'm wearing! I haven't seen a size 4 since probably early high school so thankfully that's not even on my radar or else I'd really be starving myself!!